18th century attorney, Patrick Henry, was famous for his quote, “Give me liberty, or give me death”. A resounding rally cry for freedom among the 18th century colonials in the U.S. facing British imperial rule. He also wore a white wig and decadent overcoats, so it’s unclear how much fighting he was up for, still, a pithy slogan always catches on.

At Patrick Henry High School in Virginia, a 34-year old biology teacher might’ve been uttering some freedom demanding quotes of her own as she was hustled out of the school by police this past week on multiple counts related to a sexual relationship with a student in her care.┬áMiranda Nicole Pauley, was charged with “four counts of indecent liberties by a custodian and one count of use of a communication system for crimes against children.” The charges might allude to the fact that the boy in question is of legal age in the state, but still off-limits as a student in Pauley’s classroom or school.

The communication system crime refers to social media or texting, where all of these illicit relationships blossom, and wherein the evidence damning Pauley’s conviction will inevitably lie. Ah, the double edged sword of the digital communication age. So easy to reach everybody, but everything is stored as evidence. They don’t teach those kinds of security lessons in biology class. But they do teach anatomy, and apparently Pauley was having her way with some after school lessons on that topic with a student, including at least one encounter at the school itself.

Pauley’s Patrick Henry High administrators seemed caught off guard by her arrest, which likely means the investigation was initiated outside the school itself, and directly by the police. More typically these cases break with fellow students or teachers alerting the principal about their suspicions. No word from the police yet on who tipped them off, but Pauley looks remarkably nonplussed in her arrest photo. Assume she knew this was coming.