Bilingual Teaching Assistant, Noelia Linares, Arrested for Sexual Misconduct with 17-Year Old Student

source link A South San Francisco High School teacher, Noelia Linares, was arrested for suspected sexual misconduct with a seventeen year old boy. Linaries is a bilingual instructional aide at the school, meaning she works in all the classrooms helping translate what the teachers are saying to the students who speak little to no English. This is a pretty regular daily phenomenon in California public schools where a good percentage of the student body are classified as English learners. Which is a kind way of saying, No hablo ingles. That’s more factoid than opinion one way or another.

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go site According to Linaries social media profile, she herself attended South San Francisco High School as a student, which may be a first for our coverage of female instructor sex crimes cases. I’m not sure we’ve had a female alum committing statutory rape of a student before. Though I’d have to check the research which seems like far too much work. She’s also engaged. Assume that’s no longer going well.

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source site The school district issued the obligatory statement about student safety being of utmost importance, which is an odd thing to say right after failing on a matter of basic student safety. Like, teachers having sex with your kids. Perhaps say sports are your top priority, followed by helping kids learn how to say, where is the bathroom, in English, then followed by student safety. At least you could later point out that, in your defense, student safety was never listed as your top priority.

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follow site Unions prevent teachers in California from being fired from their jobs until such time as a criminal conviction has occurred. So Linaries was placed on Administrative Leave, where she will be paid until such time as she can be fired, which means a prosecutorial conclusion to the case. The districts actually maintain “waiting rooms” for teachers accused of sex and other crimes to hang out in daily while they receive their paychecks, while awaiting adjudication. Imagine those locales are loads of fun. Especially the pick up games of sex criminals versus embezzlers and the like. Photo credit: Facebook
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