Bikini Model Turned Event Photographer Arrested for Drunken Sex at Texas Wedding Oh how I love this story. It’s truly a fable about trying to do too much, overextending yourself, and not being satisfied with what you’re truly destined for. Case in point, Katie Mehta, a bikini model who goes by the online name, Max McIntyre. Why a hot woman of seemingly Middle Eastern descent chose an Irish man’s name for publicity purposes remains unknown, though it might give a clue as to her decision making prowess.

enter Mehta/McIntyre turned to wedding photographer to keep the rent checks paid while her attempts to become an SI bikini model and otherwise gainful two-piece beach ware subject professional blossomed hopefully. It’s hard to say exactly how she did as a wedding photographer, outside of her now clearly more infamous booking wherein she was arrested by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy providing security at the Texas betrothal when she became alarmingly drunk, had sex with a wedding guest, and was found outside by the deputy peeing on a tree. According to the filed police report, Mehta/McIntyre also was exceedingly belligerent toward the officer, up to and including not so veiled violent threats to the officers and their families when taken away in a squad car for booking. That’ll score you big points with law enforcement.

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source url It should be noted that Mehta, through her sister who was reached for comment, claims that her sibling was screaming outside the wedding because she was being accosted by two men from the event, and that the security deputy treated her poorly when he arrived on scene. So, a completely innocent explanation. One that should last about as long as it takes to find a few wedding guest witnesses to file statements.

best price for canadian viagra Mehta/McIntyre was booked on public intoxication charges and some additional counts for being a totally wigged out a-hole to the arresting officers. Cops don’t beat attractive women they arrest, even if they deserve it, so enjoy that moment of gender bias in your favor, Ms. Mehta.


buy prednisone for dogs No word yet on how this incident may affect her bikini model bookings though you do expect the peeing on the tree bit to eff up her wedding photography Yelp reviews. Definitely cost you a star.
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