follow It’s funny how you can so easily get used to changing landscapes of reality. For instance, a new reality facing schools across the nation is that they may one day get a call or knock on the door informing them that one of their perfectly sweet and endearing female teachers is being arrested for having sex with one of their teen students.


source site This could be at a large public school, or a religious institution such as the Evangelical Christian School in Fort Myers, Florida, where this evening, their very married bible studies teacher, Suzanne Owen, was arrested for such illicit sexual relations and immediately and publicly fired by the school where she taught for several years.

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how to get some brand viagra You know that schools are prepared for this possibility now because of both their speedy reaction to immediately distancing themselves from their offending employee, and even more so, the rapidity with which they order somebody to expunge all online records of the arrested teacher from their school website. It’s hours now. Even for schools that are hardly tech savvy. They know.

how levitra could effect women Very few of the specifics are known about the offenses alleged against Owen, other than they involved sexual assault of a student from ECS, off campus. Read this as consensual sex but with a boy not listed as legal on the books. The only facts known are from the headmaster of the school to parents, and presume he downplayed as much as possible. For instance, he neglected to mention that before her firing for sexual assault, Ms. Owen was scheduled to be the school’s 2018 Golden Halo award, for teaching excellence. Oh, how haloes so quickly fade. Here’s something every bible teacher ought know — if you taught that bible student of yours well, he’s going to rat you out.