Beware the Meth, It’s the Devil That Always Wins

acquistare viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Firenze Tracking criminal activity as I do, like Batman, with a much less exquisite cave, and female crime at that, I can’t help but notice the number of arrests of seemingly decent ladies from reasonably solid families, often with jobs and kids and maybe even husbands on occasion, arrested and suddenly exposed for all types of anti-social behavior. The only common denominator in these cases is drugs. And in the heartland, while opioids have certainly made a huge indent, meth is still the king. Take for example the case of Allisin Sikes of Paducah, Kentucky. First, when you give your kid a funny spelling of a traditional name, understand that you are setting them up for a lifetime of unnecessary difficulty repreating that spelling. Second, in the digital age, you’ve made them extremely easy to find. Sikes was busted this past week on a state highway in Kentucky for various issues with her vehicle, including no registration plates, no registration receipt, no license in possession, no insurance, and no rear light illuminating her real license plate. All of which led to the traffic stop which produced a search of the vehicle and the discovery of weed, and, naturally, methamphetamine.

click here All at personal consumption levels, but still not what you want in your vehicle when a local sheriff’s deputy pulls you over at 11pm. Kentucky is one of the leading meth lab states in the nation, so they tend to give meth users a decent break on first offenses, still, it’s going down on your permanent record. And you wonder how a young, attractive woman, with some college under her belt, a kid or two, and seemingly close to her family winds up one day doing super hard time. It’s meth. It’s not the weed; trust that it’s not the weed. Keep away from crank, kids. It’s a dark dark rabbit hole.
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