Drunk Driving Woman In York Haven

A York Haven, Pa., woman has been taken to a hospital as authorities continue an investigation into her rather unusual behavior that involved drinking, driving, and more drinking. Apparently the woman, whose name and picture were not released at the time of this post, decided to drive her SUV into the Susquehanna River.

The ride was a black 2011 Subaru Outback, which can apparently sail pretty far when a drunken foot presses pedal to metal, though it’s unlikely the company will want to add that to any future marketing materials. Police said that by the time the woman came to a stop, she was 20 feet offshore. As cops approached the vehicle, they attempted to engage the woman in a conversation, but like a boss, she just sat there and kept drinking.

The fire department dispatched a boat to help with the rescue, and the woman was eventually taken to the hospital as officers continued their investigation, USA Today noted. One would have to assume the ol’ DUI charge is a shoo-in here, but authorities may be heaping more on top of it considering the strange behavior and the failure to yield that initially put them onto her tail.

It may come as a shock to some of you, but the woman appeared to be “in and out of consciousness” while all this was going down, the police stated, so it’s unlikely she will be able to remember any of this, but that’s okay. Affidavits usually have pretty great memories.

We are definitely not ones to endorse drinking and driving, but it is good to see one of these stories not end with dead people or zillions of dollars in property damage. Damn shame about the Subaru though.

As for Ms. What’s Her Name, we see a few AA sessions in her future. In the meantime, she may want to brush up on just how horrible things could have turned out. For those of you who like to have the hell scared out of you, you’re welcome.

(Featured Image: Flickr Creative Commons)