Beaumont Teacher Samantha Lee Ciotta Snapchat ‘Panties’ Video Puts Her in Danger of More Charges

lasix side effects in dogs Just a month ago Beaumont High School English teacher and cheerleading coach, Samantha Lee Ciotta, 32, was busted for a sexual relationship with a young male student under her supervision. We’ve since learned that the boy in question was a rather troubled freshman arrival to Beaumont, who had recently lost his mother, and with his father in jail, was living a troubled life with a guardian relative. It was this fourteen year old kid on the precipice of crime and gangs and dropping out, that Ciotta took under her wings as a special project. Or that’s how it was explained to the boy’s guardian, who was clearly a woman not thrilled by her new difficult teen in the home.

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next day delivery cialis It was with this complete open and unfettered access to the boy that Ciotta, a young married mom of two kids, began a juvenile style sexual affair with the troubled teen boy. As always happens, people began to talk, rumors began to fly of the teacher and student spending inordinate amounts of time alone together, not to mention the boy started coming home with expensive toys to¬† a rather poor home. Eventually an investigation was launched which led to Ciotta’s arrest on counts of sexual intercourse and copulation with a minor. Felony charges.

here While Ciotta has since bonded out of jail pending trial on that sex crimes charge, the police are investigation a Snapchat video that shows Ciotta dancing in nothing more than a shirt and panties in the company of two teen boys. One being the boy from the original charges and the other being a second teen police are now investigating for possible additional charges against Ciotta in relation to this “threesome”. In many of these female teacher sex with student cases we now see multiple boys involved, often friends of the original “boy lover”, who come to be involved in the partying, often involving booze and, in this case, Snapchat videos. That’s when you know the teacher grownup in this scenario has since thrown caution to the wind. Though the willingness of criminals to brazenly allow their acts to be memorialized on film never ceases to amaze.

levitra canada cheap Since her first arrest last month, Ciotta has lost her paramedic husband who’s filed for divorce and been given temporary full custody of the couple’s two children. It’s hard to imagine the high price paid by Ciotta in loss of career, serious prison time, and loss of family and children, in relation to an illicit romp with a troubled young boy and possible a friend or two. It goes without saying, sex is pretty damn fun. But this is obviously more than simply sex. This is a level of self-destructive behavior and choice of sex partners that speaks to rather severe mental instability. Someday the books will be opened, the union will back off, and some proper scientific can be done into this growing phenomenon among the ranks of the nation’s female teachers.

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