how to buy viagra? As you might expect, the female teaching staff and coaches at our nation’s schools aren’t only feeding on the taut flesh of their male students, we have documented a number of cases of female teacher on female student illicit sexual relations. Not so uncommonly, these female teachers are sports coaches living up to the female sports coach cliche. At least the part about preferring non-boys in their love life.


enter Meghan B. Miller, 35, an assistant soccer coach and teacher’s aide at Ballard High School in Seattle, was arrested on multiple felony counts related to grooming a 14-year old troubled freshman girl during an after-school program in 2016, that turned into sexually provocative Instagram messages and eventually a sexual relationship with the girl by age 15 a year later. Included in the description of the criminal connection, was how Miller worked to isolate her victim from her family and friends, in order to extend her grasp on the young girl. Pretty sinister plotting from a 35-year old woman.

source This past October, the girl told a female friend about Miller, and her friend did what friends should do, which is march straight to the Ballard High School Principal’s office and turn Miller in. This launched an investigation which saw Miller this past week arrested on one count of third-degree child molestation and two counts of first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor. Her bail was set at $100K. She was put on administrative leave, because school districts can’t fire teachers arrested for molesting kids and need to keep paying them until complete adjudication in the matter. If you’re wondering.