Monday, May 20, 2019
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Female Gym Teacher Arrested for Minivan Sex With High School Boy

Lindsey Halstead, 29, of Waterloo, New York, and formerly of Waterloo High School, was taken into custody, charged with having sex behind a Hampton Inn in upstate New York with a 16-year old former male student.

Female Music Teacher Louisiana Christian School Arrested for Sex With Student

A young female teacher at a Louisiana Christian school has been arrested on multiple counts of a teacher having sex with a student, super verboten in Southern state schools even if the "victim" is technically of age.

Wisconsin Teacher Arrested for Illicit Lesbian Student Affair From 5-Years Earlier

Just when you thought you got away with it... a Wisconsin Catholic School teacher who previously worked as a public school substitute health and fitness teacher was arrested for a sexual affair she had with a then 15-year old girl in 2014.

Sexy Virginia Teacher Fired For Sending Thong Shots, Sex Offers to Male Students

Imagine that teaching in modern times requiring modern means of capturing the attention of your media savvy students. What's a young, blonde high school marketing teacher to do?

Female Alabama High School Teacher Latest Arrested for Sex With Teen

A Dothan High School teacher was arrested this past week and charged with the increasingly common crime in Alabama of a teacher sleeping with a student who is of age but under the age of 19.

Hot Kentucky Teacher Sues to Get Her Sex Crimes Prison Sentence Shortened

About halfway now through her prison term, Lindsey Jarvis is suing the Department of Corrections insisting she should be out by now thanks to fulfilling a sex crimes rehab program.

Louisiana Teacher Arrested for Sexual Intercourse with 10-Year-Old Student

Deidre R. Smith, a grade school teacher in Louisiana, was arrested this week on charges of raping a 10-year-old student in her class. The married mother of three was specifically called out for sexual intercourse with the boy. You may not say it: wow, that seems young.

Prescott High School Teacher Arrested for Sex With 15-Year Old

Leona Nivens, 33, a teacher at Prescott High School in Arkansas, was picked up this past week and charged with sexual assault for relations with a 15-year old student at the school.

Georgia Female High School Teacher Arrested for Sex With Student

Sometimes we go a whole week without a female teacher in this country being arrested for sexual assault. Are the lady teachers slowing down in their desire for teen flesh? Unlikely.

Allison Mack Pleads Guilty to Her ‘Lieutenant’ Role in Sex Cult

Former Smallville actress turned sex cult second-in-command, Allison Mack, gave up the ghost on multiple rounds of not-guilty pleas in racketeering charges and pled guilty to two felony counts.

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