Monday, January 23, 2017
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Diego Bigote


Sada Abe – Imperial Japan Desperately Needs to Know Why She Severed Her Lover’s...

What is a legend? When the culture's telling of a story becomes more important than the story itself. Whether or not George Washington cut...

Genene Jones, Liked to Tap the Babies

Work sucks, I know. You think I'm getting rich writing these blog posts? I work 40 hours paid, plus whatever free overtime they can...

Magdalena Solís, Blood Sex Magic

You can kill all the locals in the name of Christ you like, the fact remains the only religions that stick are the ones...

Winnie “Ruth” Judd, the Trunk Murderess

Evil geniuses are things of fiction. Real killers are like all of us: basic incompetents who only survive by moving in groups big enough...

Willa Blanc, She Cleaned House

It's been said that it's a shame that only people to win the lottery are people who buy lottery tickets in the first place....

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