Thursday, January 19, 2017
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Aric Mitchell

Dollar Tree Burns

64-Year-Old Firebug Announces She Will Burn Down A Dollar Tree, Then Does It

A 64-year-old woman probably isn't the first person you suspect when thinking "arsonist." They're kind, give warm hugs, are usually grandmas, and fix the...
Times Square Subway Attacker

Times Square Subway Attacker Pushes Woman In Front Of Train One Week After False...

It really doesn't matter what the laundry list of disorders you have are. If you confess to a crime a week before you actually...
Brat Attack: Teacher Punches Misbehaving Student In Houston

Houston Teacher Lisa Allison Fired After Allegedly Ground-And-Pounding Second Grader

Children are annoying. Everyone knows it. It's in their DNA. It's part of their jobs. And even though that annoying behavior can cause you...
Ceviche Leads To Arrest

Single Mom May Face Jail Time For Selling Food Online

And now for something completely different! If any of you were worried about the dangerous world of online food sales, then you'll probably be breathing...
Alyson London Arrested

Teachers Who Sext: Alyson London Sends 129,000 Inappropriate Messages To Middle Schoolers

Alyson London is making the case for homeschool look pretty sweet for those of you concerned about what public schools are teaching your children....
Charles Manson And His Women

Oh Look, One of Charles Manson’s Women Is Getting Parole

Charles Manson certainly had a way with the ladies. While a lot of guys have to trick one woman into giving them a second date, he...
Bathtub Drowning Child, Hope Marie King

Mom Charged With Neglect For 2-Year-Old’s Bathtub Drowning

Hope Marie King seemingly did something many parents of toddlers do without thinking twice. She left her 2-year-old son, Travon Hood Jr., alone in...
Maria Lentini Pleas

Drunk Driver Keeps Going With Body Stuck In Windshield

Maria Lentini of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., is facing charges for her involvement in the hit-and-run death of a man last December. According to a...
Kimberly Ruiz, Female Child Abuser In Idaho

Idaho Woman Arrested For Allegedly ‘Torturing’ 9-Year-Old

Kimberly Ruiz is a South Idaho woman accused of torturing a 9-year-old child. Ruiz' relationship to the child was not identified in the Nampa Police...
Red Fawn Fallis, Dakota Access Pipeline Protester

Pipeline Protester Faces 20 Years For Firing .38 At Sheriff’s Deputy

Red Fawn Fallis must now be wondering if it was all worth it. The 37-year-old Denver native went to North Dakota to protest the Dakota Access...

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