Thursday, January 19, 2017
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Aric Mitchell

Iesha Conley, Christmas Gift Card Thief

Postal Worker Iesha Conley Stole Christmas Gift Cards For A Naughty Good Time

Iesha Conley, a 48-year-old postal worker in Brooklyn, must have gotten word she would be on Santa's naughty list this year, because around Sept....
Christine Anne Koosmann Arrested

Christine Anne Koosmann And Boyfriend Picked The Worst Place To Get Disorderly Conducts

Christine Anne Koosmann and boyfriend Blake Adam Fleisig have apparently never heard of that whole 9/11 thing. If they had, then they would probably know...
Sarah Zakzesky Arrested

Sarah Zakzesky Confesses Her Part In Brutal Beatdown Resulting In Fatality

Sarah Zakzesky, a 20-year-old Milwaukee woman, has been arrested in connection to the brutal beating death of Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro. The crime reportedly occurred on Dec....

Priscilla Ortiz, Destiny Bossa Charged With Armed Robbery: Their Haul Will Floor You

Teenagers do stupid things. Anyone who has had 'em, taught 'em, or spent more than five minutes around 'em can attest to that fact....
Shanna Golyar Arrested

Suspect Shanna Golyar Arrested, Charged With First-Degree Murder For 2012 Cold Case

Shanna Golyar is an unlikely suspect for first-degree murder considering men are usually the ones arrested and punished for such crimes, but police and...

The Matharoo Sisters Try Turning Tables On Nigeria: It Doesn’t Go Well

Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo are sort of like the Canadian Kardashians, or so we're told. That is to say, they are reasonably attractive, seem...
Norma Toussaint Mugshot

Great Grandma Norma Toussaint Arrested For Switching Great Granddaughter

Norma Toussaint is a great grandma learning a few modern day lessons about what is acceptable as corporal punishment. The 70-year-old Arkansas woman got...
Andrea Gehring Arrested

Mom Andrea Gehring Allegedly Uses 11-Year-Old Daughter For Batting Practice

Andrea Gehring (pictured above) is under arrest tonight for allegedly using a baseball bat on her 11-year-old daughter, WTKR reports. The Virginia Beach woman...
Mariamne McKinstry Sentenced

Mariamne McKinstry Tries To Defraud The IRS, 192 Times

You've got to have some stones to try and defraud the U.S. government, or just be Mariamne McKinstry (pic unavailable). She didn't even have...
Lincolnshire Beatdown Caught On Social Media

Lincolnshire Woman Beats The Tar Out Of Man On Park Bench [Video]

Normally when we bring you news stories about psychotic women, we have names to go with it, but with easy access to video technology...

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