Sunday, January 22, 2017
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Aric Mitchell

April Irving Arrest Warrants

Dog Lover April Irving Has Starved 300-Plus Pooches In A 10-Year Period

Who says everyone from Canada is great (other than Meryl Streep)!? April Irving is a 57-year-old Alta woman, who is pretty damn awful when...
Cari Ann Wright Starved Daughter

Cari Ann Wright Starved Handicapped Teen Daughter To Death

Gotta wonder about a country that allows people like Cari Ann Wright to have and care for children. The 44-year-old mom has pled guilty...
Kerry Pineiro Sex Attack

Kerry Lee Pineiro Has Love-Hate Relationship With Her Husband’s Penis

Kerry Lee Pineiro may be a 61-year-old woman, but that has not slowed her down in the bedroom. Mr. Pineiro, on the other hand?...
Sandra Jametski Facebook Live

Sandra Jametski Was Just Charged With A Hate Crime For Her Facebook Live Video

Sandra Jametski is learning the hard way that you gotta be an idiot to use Facebook Live as a means of posting all the...
Evie Amati Goes Psycho

Evie Amati Attacks Customers With Axe, And It’s All On Video: Watch It Here

Evie Amati. Got a nice horror movie ring to it, no? Well, it will after you hear what the Australian native was caught doing...
Egypt Robinson Sentencing Phase

Egypt Robinson Called ‘Sick’ For Murdering Toddler, And That’s Something Considering The Source

Egypt Robinson is the kettle. Tiffany Powell is the pot. Allow us to explain. Egypt was in prison for murdering her three-year-old son because she...
Naked Woman Crash Scene Video Capture

Naked Woman Steals Police Truck, Leads Cops On A 75-Mile Chase

A Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy got more than he bargained for when answering a disturbance call at a Gila Bend, Ariz., gas station around 9...
Sascha Collins Arrest

Mom Sascha Collins Beat Kids For Opening Christmas Presents Early, Police State

Sascha Collins, a 36-year-old Indiana woman, could be facing up to 12 years in prison after authorities were informed that she had abused her...
Karmen Coleman Arrested

Karmen Coleman Surrenders After Scalded Cat Video Makes Her Internet Famous

Karmen Coleman is a Mississippi woman, who continued a disturbing new trend of cat abuse at the end of 2016. She, along with two men whom...
Kyandrea Thomas Arrested

Kyandrea Thomas Arrest: Police Say Mom Threw Newborn In Trash, And It’s Not Her...

Lots of people don't like kids. They can be annoying, repetitive, loud, and whiny. But that is definitely no reason to go around actively...

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