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Traci Lorre Owens Sentenced For Stealing Money From Children’s Charity

Stealing is never an action that is going to get you placed on a favorite persons list, but there is something especially appalling about...
Yvonne Joy Dunn, Fake Mom

Yvonne Joy Dunn Pleads Guilty To Faking Pregnancy For Government Benefits

Yvonne Joy Dunn has pled guilty to lying to her state's Department of Social and Health Services in order to get government benefits for...
Rhonda Blythe-Durham Arrested

Rhonda Blythe-Dunham Called 911 When Husband Wouldn’t Get Her Ice Cream, Police Claim

Rhonda Blythe-Dunham is learning the hard way that when your tired husband doesn't want to go get your lazy butt a carton of ice...
Lontaisha Durham Arrested

Lontaisha Durham Pepper Sprayed, Robbed Uber Driver, Police Claim

In the age of Uber, there remains an uneasiness among most ordinary passengers about the character and background of the person behind the wheel....
Brandi Guggino Arrested

Brandi Guggino Knowingly Left Her Child In Hot Car To Pay A Fine, Police...

People act like raising a child is rocket science. With perps like Brandi Guggino, perhaps it should be. Or there might ought to be some...
Alexandra Ivanova Charged With Wanting To Join ISIS

Alexandra Ivanova Was Not Aspiring To Join ISIS, She Claims

Varvara Karaulova (Alexandra Ivanova after full name change, which is apparently something you have to do if you're going to join ISIS) will be going...
Ciara Perez-Rodriguez Arrested

Ciara Perez-Rodriguez Fired On Car In Road Rage Incident, Police Claim

To borrow an opening line from Seinfeld, what's the deal with road rage? It seems like people are going to greater lengths these days...
Michelle Roberts Indicted

Michelle Roberts Is Facing The Rare Charge Of Self-Induced Abortion

Abortion is and will remain a tricky topic for Americans for some time to come. Given that dividing line that exists between us, some...

Shaynna Sims Took Grisly Souvenirs From Her Husband’s Dead Ex-Lover

Oklahoma, you do have an interesting set of crazies. This week, the Sooner State wins the nut-job olympics with the case of Shaynna Sims,...
Roberta Samard Sentenced

Roberta Samard Gets 25 Years For Murder Of Husband

While it is a tragedy no matter how you slice it, the death of Ken Samard and the subsequent arrest, conviction, and sentencing of...

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