Australian Teacher Pleads Guilty to Lesbian Relationships With Two Teen Girls

buy levitra without prescription While Australia maintains an incredibly tight-lipped policy when it comes to publicly naming their criminals, even after they are found or have pleaded guilty, there is some information we know about this extraordinary case of a female teacher charged with sexual relations with two teen female students at her high school. A 28-year old high school teacher in West Australia has confessed to carrying on extensive sexual relations with female students. One of these students was under 16 at the time; the other over 16. Both are considered criminal acts in the region of Australia where she committed these acts.

Female Teacher Pleaded Guilty to 48 Criminal Acts in Total While Australia desperately seeks to maintain the privacy of its sex criminals for reasons that will never make sense to me, they are very forthcoming in details of the sex crimes alleged.

go The sexual criminal acts all occurred between 2015 and 2017.

online cheap viagra As to the first female student, the under 16, who eventually turned her teacher in to authorities, the teacher is alleged to have had 16 sexual encounters with the girl. And during those sexual encounters, accumulated 16 counts of sexually penetrating the girl. Though not always 1:1; there were some meetings with zero penetration and some with multiple episodes.

viagra drug group names Each “get together” represents a charge, as does each penetration. As does the “persistence” of the meetups. You can see how counts add up. Also the detail of the confessions as to dates and activities between the two.

This Australian Teacher Took on a Second Girl Lover As Well

see url As to the second female student, this one over 16, the teacher accepted responsibility for 6 illicit meetings and 8 sexual penetrations. Another fourteen sex crimes charges. And now we are at 48.

pfizer viagra samples If nothing else, you have to admire the energy of this female teacher. That’s 22 romantic get togethers with these two different teen girls and 24 rounds of penetration. Perhaps not a lot for an adult lesbian relationship over the course of 18 months, but with underaged female students at her school, presume she had to engage in far more planning.

There Was a Third Girl And More Charges At One Time

purchase soft viagra But wait, there’s more. Originally the courts had charged the 28-year old West Australian teacher with an additional two dozen charges involving a third girl at the school. However, those charges were later dropped.

For those not familiar with the Australian territories: these lesbian sex crimes occurred in Western Australia, there’s not much by the way of specifics in the court reporting

viagra for ladies drug It’s unclear if they were dropped due to being false or errant claims regarding this third girl, or if the evidence was not as strong for the third girl and prosecutors decided two girls and 48 charges were enough. Also, you’d have to consider the impact of having these girls potentially testify in a trial as to the offenses.

The teacher’s attorneys have requested a psych evaluation be performed on their client before her sentencing in two months. You can imagine what that psych report might look like. I’m guessing it will have something to do with sex abuses of her own past. And that will be used to diminish the punishment.

As for Australia, they will continue not releasing the names of their sex criminals out of a grand tradition of English Common Law. One that I’d argue adversely affects public safety. That’s so Australia.

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