Aussie Transgender Axe-Attacker, Evie Amati, Gets 9-Years for 7-Eleven Attack

Prednisone Online ~ go with FREE Prescription From Our U.S. Licensed Physicians ~ Prescribed Online, Shipped FedEx Overnight It’s been two years now since we first reported the axe-attacks on innocent convenience store customers in Sydney, Australia, by Evie Amati, 26, a transgender woman who claimed mental health as a defense for swinging an axe at both a male and female customer in line at a 7-Eleven store. She swung at a third victim but he used his backpack to shield the blow. The first two victims suffered serious facial contusions and lacerations from the axe blows.


accutane side effects depression Prosecutors claimed Amati was distraught from a Tinder date gone bad when she was rejected by a woman who found out Amati used to be a man and took her violent axe-rage out on innocents in the store. Amati posted some nonsense about the hatefulness of humanity on Facebook before leaving her apartment with an axe that evening. Amati pleaded not-guilty in court by reason of mental health related to how how transgender hormone therapy made her blackout crazy.

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enter site Amati claimed the medications gave her longstanding visions of picking up an axe and going “suicide by cop” on police officers. Though since she chose people buying frozen burritos at 7-Eleven instead for her axe-rage, she seems to have selected more vulnerable targets and no suicide. She later claimed she passed out in a nearby courtyard and couldn’t remember much; this after cops arrested her. Legal defenses get narrowed when you’re captured on multiple store camera with a bloody axe.

go Amati gained huge fame post-arrest in Australia not only for the gruesome attack, but because Evie (formerly Karl) was known as a scholarly student from a well-off upbringing. This made her descent into madness all the more sensational.

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follow url After two years, Amati was finally sentenced off a guilty conviction to 9-years in prison, though she will be eligible for parole after half that time. Hard to say if Australian penal systems are easier on transgender would-be axe murderers than elsewhere, though this penalty seems rather light in light of fact she easily could’ve killed two or three people with that frigging axe.
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