go site Orthodox Jewish school principal, Malka Leifer, fled Australia in 2008 after being leveled with 74 charges of child sexual abuse related to her operation of a religious day school Down Under. A dual citizen of Israel, Leifer took off to the West Bank before she could be tried in Australia, which has sought her arrest and extradition from Israel ever since.


go While Israeli authorities have been seeking to arrest Leifer in Israel in accordance with Australia’s request for extradition for a number of years, Leifer has been playing the local justice system with psychiatric and mental illness doctor’s notes preventing her from attending a number of requested hearings. One of the things about Israel being so small and well-monitored is you can’t really hide there, only obfuscate.


follow This past week Leifer was finally hauled out of her home by Israeli authorities and arrested in preparation for the necessary paperwork to send her back to Australia to face Lady Justice. Not to mention a barrage of civil suits against her and the Adass Israel girls school in Melbourne. There is much rejoicing among her victim’s families back home. Soon there will be much sadness. The as yet untold stories in court are likely to be horrendous. Australia keeps extremely mum on its criminal proceedings, so don’t expect to learn much outside the courtroom. Leifer’s name in fact is only public since she fled the country.