Aspiring Model Maybe Murdered Her Two Little Girls So She Could Sell Sex

Not to draw too much attention to the namesake of this site, but there’s a definite contender in England for the new worst young mom of the decade.

Louise Porton, 23, what the papers are calling an “aspiring model” because she uploaded some modeling shots online, is accused of killing her 3-year old daughter and 16-month old daughter, only weeks apart, for the specific purpose of being free and clear to live the cruising single woman life.

Nobody thought much of it when Porton’s first daughter, the 3-year old, was brought to an emergency room non-responsive and cold. Porton told the authorities her daughter had been sick with the bad flu. What do you say to a sad-looking mom holding her dead daughter — hey, random question, did you kill her?

Aspiring model, sex for hire, and one tragically horrible mom (photo credit: UK Sun)

Then, a few weeks later, another call to British emergency services with concern over her toddler daughter who wasn’t moving. She too was met by EMTs who found the girl chilly cold. The temperature is important as later on in a now suspicious investigation of a mom with two dead daughters by weird medical happenstance, police found that Porton had been busy online researching post-mortem body temperature drops.

Upon further review of Porton’s online accounts, the bobbies found that Porton, who always appeared stone-faced sad when they spoke, had made friends on a dating app with 41 new men, the day after her first daughter was pronounced dead. A deeper diver found that Porton was meeting men for sex in exchange for shopping money.

In a final stroke of damning circumstantial evidence, the funeral parlor director handling Porton’s first dead daughter claimed that the sad-looking Porton becomes gleeful and animated on Face Time flirting with a man the minute he left the room. It’s as if somebody believes Karma doesn’t exist.

You’d have to think Louise was a bit delusional about the opportunity
for a modeling career, even by British standards.

Autopsies on the girls revealed that both easily could’ve died from asphyxiation. It’s not hard to choke out a little child so there often isn’t obvious patterns of assault or struggle. The direct evidence of the murder seems a little sketchy, but this chick Porton seems even sketchier.

Porton was eventually charged with murdering both of her daughters. The motive: she wanted to be free and single again. Many people can relate to the desire to feel that way again. Fewer people probably are willing to kill their tiny children to get it. Okay, we know of two now.

(And, no, I’m not showing pictures of the adorable little kids she murdered like every other magazine and paper.)

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