Asia Argento And Her Sex Crime Mistruths Likely Won’t Be Prosecuted

see url Current figurehead of the #MeToo movement, Italian actress, Asia Argento, seems to have had her denial of sex with a teen boy in a Marina Del Ray Ritz Carlton hotel in 2013 countered by texts of her own revealed to TMZ through a third party. And by third party, we mean a confidante of Argento’s who took money from TMZ to sell her friend out.

viagra generico prezzo piu basso a Venezia Since the New York Times piece last week revealing Argento’s hush money payment of $380,000 to Jimmy Bennett, who was 8 when he played her abused son in her 2004 film, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, and 17 when she shtupped him in the hotel room, Argento has been directly and indirectly denying pretty much ever illicit aspect of the case. In her response, she claimed that she never had sex with Bennett, who was a troubled former actor who basically stalked her as a teen, and that the hush money decision was made by her then boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain, who insisted they do it to keep her reputation clean. Such as that was possible. Of course, Bourdain is now dead, and his estate $380,000 lighter, so he’s impossible to question.

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go These subsequent texts seem to strongly indicate that Argento did indeed have sexual intercourse with Bennett in the hotel room, though she claims she was “frozen” beneath him at the time, because that’s a convenient way of framing yourself as victim even in a situation where you’re clearly committing statutory rape in the state of California. Not all of those #MeToo seminars are a waste of time.

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comprare viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Venezia While some #MeToo fellow activists with Argento have stepped forward to insist this sexual assault and hush money case means nothing, in fact, Alyssa Milano suggested this case shows that #MeToo is actually working, many have started guarding themselves for end of a tremendous wave of unchecked activism, career killing allegations, kangaroo courts, and other revolutionary type high times.

cialis super active no prescription For their part, local Los Angeles law enforcement have been forced to respond to the now seemingly self-confessed crime of statutory sexual assault, but clearly are not in the mood to do much about it. Asia Argento isn’t Harvey Weinstein, in more ways than one. Far less prolific, and no penis. They don’t want to pursue so they’ve issued statements regarding “looking into things” and “following up on matters” which essentially means they’re going to wait until this story dies down a bit then send any investigative materials to deep storage. Ah, Justice, you’re blind, but you can still sense politics.

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