Kingman Arizona Woman and Boyfriend Kill Her Mom, Bury Her in Backyard

about erectile dysfunction If you love gruesome tales of family betrayal, lousy boyfriends, and drugs, then the tale of Carrie Vanover in Kingman, Arizona is going to be right up your alley. amoxil antibiotics online It’s unclear if Vanover has confessed to the murder of her mother (as some outlets are reporting) or this remains merely alleged, but according to Mojave County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona, they arrested Vanover, 23, and her boyfriend, Mark Baldanado Jr., 31, after a tip led them to a body they believe to be Shawn Vanover, Carrie’s mom, in a 55-gallon drum buried in the backyard of a Kingman home.

Naturally, because these two co-conspirators seem to be heavily involved in drugs, they buried mom in a shallow grave. Lazy mofos.

Before the drugs and the babies and the baby daddy, there was a hot 18-year old girl.

While there is no word on motive yet in the murder, Carrie Vanover’s social media is tattooed with proud photos of her various soon-to-be-motherless out of wedlock children and her marijuana tongue ring. Her Facebook username is C.Sweet.Coke.V96. Presumably, 96 refers to her birth year. The coke part you can probably guess, as Baldanado’s own social media page is littered with weed and coke references.

A Facebook post from two years earlier shows mom Shawn Vanover telling daughter Carrie how much she loves her. Oh, how relations strain with young daughters making babies with loser boyfriends, drugs, and presumably money issues because babies are made for free, but not so much weed and coke.

And then after pics, where did it all go wrong for Carrie Vanover?

Of course, we’ll discover this was some kind of scheme to get fifty bucks for another day’s fix. These two look stupider than the dirt in which they buried mom in a steel drum. Arizona is a death penalty state and both are expected to be charged with First Degree Murder.

Look, it’s the sweet mom you murdered, and for what? Probably don’t remember.

Not much you can do with bad seeds once they’re planted. Though steel drum burials come to mind.

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