Ariane Christine Borg Arrested for Murdering The Family Cat in Front of Her Kids

levitra 20 mg Let’s start off with the notice, whether you’re a cat person or a heavy cat-disliker, nobody should be accepting of cruelty toward house pets of any kind. There’s no need for that. Secondly, this story clearly speaks to a woman in dire need of psychiatric attention. Nobody in their right mind, not an apparently otherwise caring mom, suddenly starts torturing the family cat in front of her own children. But that act now finds Ariane Christine Borg, 38, of Holladay, Utah, under arrest on multiple counts of child abuse and one count of torturing a house pet after she broke the family’s cat’s neck on a kitchen table in front of her two children.

generic drugs canadian levitra 10-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy, told police their mother had been holding the cat’s legs and smacking it off a table, before snapping the cat’s neck and discarding it outside. 

– Arrest report, Ariane Christine Borg In more gruesome detailing, the police officer who arrived on scene described blood marks inside the home, and finding the dead cat outside along with Borg who had apparently stabbed herself several times along the arms and was bleeding. Additionally, Borg’s daughter told police that when she tried to get the cat away from her mother, her mother bit her. She added that her mother goes crazy every night. And in context of what “crazy” means in this household, that’s quite a statement. The incident took place last September, but police did not interview the children until late November, and Borg was not arrested until this week in the end of January. No word on why the process was so slow, though Borg’s defense attorney has been very public in calling out the authorities for arresting his client for what he insists should be a mental health issue, not a crime. He added that Borg’s been in intensive treatment now, and adjusting her medication to ensure these types of episodes don’t happen in the future. And that locking her up won’t help in that process. This is one of those cases where there are two clearly conflicting issues in that regard. We perhaps do lock up too many people for what is the result of untreated mental illness; at the same time the locations that don’t arrest people for crimes committed resulting from their mental illness find themselves with much more dangerous environments and higher crimes rates related to the mentally ill, often on the streets. A conundrum indeed. Hopefully the kids in this case come out alright.

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