Annabelle Justice and Her Boyfriend Threaten Janitor Who Caught Them Having Sex

comprare viagra generico 50 mg spedizione veloce a Parma Sex in library parking lots sort of died down there for a while, after people started moving out of their parent’s homes and into cheap studio apartments.

levitra super active cheaper Annabelle Justice, 20, of Hurricane, Utah, and her boyfriend let’s call him, Stephen Brace, were getting it on in the car in the largely empty parking lot of the local public library in the very early morning hours. That’s when the library janitor, a woman, was taking out the trash and apparently also had her 12-year old son at work with her. The janitor noticed the couple “naked inside and outside the car” this being summer and all and approached to document the public sex act with her cellphone before calling the cops. Naturally, you’re going to want to get some footage.

go to link As you might expect when somebody approaches you with their camera phone up as you’re trying to have sex in a parking lot, the couple became rather upset at the janitor. A stream of expletives followed. According to the janitor, this is when Stephen Brace added to the threats by producing a knife and threatening the janitor, and she claims, her son, who for some reason was dragged along by mom to film the coitus. The janitor claims she and her son ran for their lives back inside where they did indeed call the cops with the license plates of the couples respective vehicles allowing them to make subsequent arrest. That’s no janitor, that’s Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote.


Cialis generico online farmacia senza ricetta in Napoli Justice was arrested for lewd conduct, which is no way to treat biblical relations such as hers in the parking lot. Brace was set for the same charge until they realized he was previously arrested for attempted child sexual abuse, and his public sex charge was bumped to a felony. He’s still in the pokey on bail. Seems likely he’ll be doing some time for his frenetic library parking lot sex, even with his of-age girlfriend.

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see url This whole world has a camera and is filming you phenomena is pretty dicy. Sure, maybe you are table to track down white supremacist murderers from crowds easier, but you’ve also turned the lady who takes her son to work at 5am into a peeping tom essentially. This isn’t exactly one of those recent cases of couples having sex in the middle of some event where children could see. This is where the mom brings her child closer to see so she can win her Oscar for cinematography. What a world. Let’s see the tape.

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