Angry Girlfriend Uses Boyfriend’s Credit Card to Leave $5,000 Diner Tip

levitra and viagra Apparently, there’s a law in Florida that you can’t get back at your boyfriend by snagging his credit card and charging a five-grand tip at a local eatery. Weird state. Serina Wolfe, 24, apparently got into a hullabaloo at the Clear Sky Cafe in Clearwater, Florida over her wanting the man of the relationship to buy her a plane ticket home to New York. So maybe that was a one-way deal. Either way, her boyfriend refused and called in a hold on his credit card to keep his lady from using his card to buy it herself.

here Assume the dude in the story isn’t too sharp. He removed the hold on his card and Serina Wolfe returned to the Clear Sky Cafe where she promptly had a burger or too and left a $5,000 tip on her boyfriend’s credit card.

watermellon like viagra Here’s the unexplained or perhaps well-explained part. By the time the guy discovered the charge, either from alert from his credit card (because mine certainly doesn’t let fly five grand at a diner) or simply checked to see if she’d bought that plane ticket, he alerted the cafe.

Serina Wolfe, mugshot, Clearwater, Florida

The restaurant claimed that the tip had already been processed and given to the waitress. As if this wasn’t an outrageous amount for a tip and they casually ran the card to see if it would work without checking with the tipper to make sure it was on the up and up.

This isn’t an NFL party at a high-end strip club where five grand tips might be common for bottle service. This is a cafe on a $50 tab with a janky young woman offering a $5,000 tip. Obviously, the waitress was down for the angry girlfriend revenge plot and wanted the five grand.

Nevertheless, there’s no crime in accepting an outrageous spite-revenge tip. However, Serina Wolfe was arrested or theft and held on a $2,000 bond, which she likely tried to pay off with her boyfriend’s credit card.

Serina Wolfe, mugshot, Buffalo.

The sad part is this crazy stealing girlfriend saga all could’ve easily been avoided had this dude merely done a quick Google search. Therein lies a young woman of the same age as Serina Wolfe, looking quite like his girlfriend, and with the exact same name, a couple of years earlier, busted in Buffalo for stealing a man’s wallet at a local bar.

Wolfe was tracked down by the cops, claimed she didn’t steal the guy’s wallet and had no idea about any $520 in the wallet. And shortly thereafter was found with $520 stuffed into her underpants. That was a theft arrest.

Google, people. It’s not that hard.

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