‘Tis the season to be jolly, unless you’re an angry ex-girlfriend looking to take the most insidious of revenge out upon your former boyfriend. When you imagine the crazy ex, you probably think younger woman screaming and lighting the guy’s favorite things on fire on the front lawn. Though that may just be me speaking from experience. In the case of Deborah Britton of Chandler, Arizona, she’s 55, but clearly carried the same bitter torch for her former boyfriend.


source url Britton got the keen idea to avenge herself of her bad middle-aged breakup by Xeroxing nude photos, face and body, of her ex-boyfriend and taping them to the fence at the poor dude’s kids’ elementary school, facing inward. That’s some sick mindedness right there. Dad’s naked photos for staff and students to see as they walked by before they could be removed. No word yet on what the poor bastard did to deserve this, but rest assured it had something to do with not being emotionally available. Or another chick. Or any number of bad boyfriend traits that doesn’t merit this twisted punishment.

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watch Britton initially denied being the poster of the flyers, though she was clearly the only one with motive, not to mention photos of the guy naked (which for the record, think twice whether you’re a teen girl or a man in his 50’s). So the police were forced to send the copies off to the crime lab for fingerprint analysis, which concluded they belonged to Deborah Britton. She continued to deny she was the perp, but at that point cops don’t care and arrested her for harassment by communication and one count of unlawful distribution of images featuring nudity.

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side effects of accutane Those charges sound kind of rinky-dink considering the context of the tape job, but imagine the police in Chandler have better things to do with their time. Expect Britton to be back on with a smiling photo soon, insisting she loves hiking and cooking and football.