Angela Strothers and husband, Rimmon Lewis, have been accused of abusing Strother’s teenage daughter in a variety of horrible ways. The two were initially only hit with one charge of child abuse back in April, when they were first apprehended, but a slew of charges followed come November.

The couple, both 33, are both accused of mistreating the 13-year-old. Lewis is accused of beating the girl with a table leg, punching her in the face and genitals, and forcing her to wear clothing stained with urine to school. The girl occasionally speaks with a stutter, and Lewis would allegedly punish her for this by hitching his thumbs inside her mouth then painfully stretching the skin.

Rimmon Lewis (Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office)

Though this physical abuse was allegedly perpetuated by Lewis, Strothers was no angel. Not only was she allegedly aware of said abuse, but the couple is also accused of locking the girl in a laundry room, forcing her to complete weird and pointless exercises like balancing on cans, and occasionally making her eat cat food and detergent.

It wasn’t until a teacher at the girl’s middle school caught a glimpse of her bruises and involved police that her torment came to an end. Authorities say they believe the girl’s mother and stepfather had abused her for years.

The victim as well as three other children have been removed from these monsters’ care and are now with the Georgia Department of Family and Child Services, though, fortunately for their sakes, sounds like the three other children were treated much better than the teen.


Featured Image: Angela Strothers (Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office)