source site Hell hath no insane fury like a pregnant woman trying desperately to destroy her husband’s ex-fiancee. Consider it an alley cat mentality. Kill the competition before the brood arrives. It makes more sense on Animal Planet with felines than real grown up women in Orange County, California.

acquistare levitra online sicuro Palermo That ex-fiancee, Michelle Hadley, 30, languished behind bars on numerous charges, including felony stalking, and inciting men on Craigslist to rape her former boyfriend’s current wife, Angela Diaz. Yet today, Orange County D.A. Tony Rackauckas revealed an interesting plot twist: Hadley was the real victim. The perpetrator was the 31-year-old Angela Maria Diaz pretending to be Hadley online. A complex frame job. Rackauckas called the whole thing “a diabolical scheme.”

Michelle Hadley looks rightfully confused. (Image: Orange County D.A.’s Office)

acquisto cialis con pagamento in contrassegno By way of backstory, Michelle Hadley met a U.S. Marshals Service agent in August of 2013. The pair dated for two years, before splitting in August of 2015. The unnamed ex-boyfriend would later meet Diaz via an online dating website, and the two married in early 2016. That spring, Diaz informed her husband that she was expecting twins. This was right about the time Diaz claimed she was being cyber-stalked by her husband’s ex, including threatening her unborn children and posting Craigslist ads encouraging men to visit Diaz and fulfill her “rape fantasy”. The Craigslist ads stated that the men should continue to pursue sex, even if Diaz refused or tried to stop them. At least two men attempted to respond to the ad and were stopped by police. Another, according to Diaz, broke in through her garage and attacked her.

Angela Diaz went blonde somewhere in her alleged scheming. (Image: Orange County D.A.’s Office)

discussion generic propecia Diaz assured authorities that her husband’s ex-girlfriend, Hadley, was stalking her and that her husband’s ex behind all of the messages and online ads. And so, Hadley, painted as a bitter woman scorned, was arrested. Hadley spent three months in jail as a clear and present danger to Diaz, all the while maintaining her innocence. She faced up to life in prison for the charges against her.

comprare vardenafil senza ricetta Puglia Throughout the course of their investigation, detectives began to pickup on clues that Diaz was not the angelic victim she portrayed herself to be in statements to the police. Diaz allegedly committed fraud revolving around paychecks from her employers, and she also had an alleged history of faking pregnancies and medical emergencies, including cancer.

go here On advice from the investigators, the judge in Orange County ordered Michelle Hadley released and promptly leveled charges against Angela Diaz on a litany of crimes, not the least of which was her misleading authorities so shamelessly. If you have a crystal ball you might give it a peek and asses how much money Hadley’s going to sue the County over for her wrongful arrest and incarceration. You’d have expected that accusations made between current and former partners of the same guy would be challenged for authenticity before anybody went to jail on the other’s word. So, millions.

viagra generico 50 mg spedizione veloce a Torino As for Angela Diaz, we could pretend this is not a prime example of “pregnant bitch be crazy” because that’s both sexist and sadly stereotypical. So please think of another slogan that basically implies the same, but more subtly. Image: Orange County D.A.