The heart wants what the heart wants. Among female teacher hearts these days, that largely seems to be teen to young boy flesh. We have laws against that kind of heart-wanting, and even though Andrea Jimenez, 47, a science teacher at Doral International Academy of Math & Science K-8 didn’t ever physically touch her 12-13 year old male student, she was arrested for sending him increasingly lovelorn romantic messages.

go to link Clearly Jimenez is off her rocker, because unlike her peers who have sexually assaulted young boys, and some young girls, under their care, she really seemed most interested in the die-hard romantic aspect of their relationship. Albeit for the boy’s part, he seemed to be scared by the whole Fatal Attraction bit from his teacher but for a while was too timid to mention them to anybody. As a sample: “I will go to hell for U. Die for U stop eating to feed you. My love for u is so real and huge!!! I don’t mind¬†facing the devil himself for u.”¬† Crazy Ms. Jimenez, the science teacher lady

click Jimenez warned the boy off of girls his own age, you know, they being such insane predators and all, and also bought him gifts like electronics and shoes which indicate she’s got some thinking groomer in her addled noggin somewhere.

best prices on female viagra Jimenez was fired when parents of the boy eventually discovered the desperate love letters and turned them over to the school administration. Cops were brought in and Jimenez was arrested as well, though it’s not precisely clear on what charges, though being absurd and super embarrassing to your coworkers and friends is probably in there somewhere.