Andrea Davis and Things Not To Do When Arrested for DUI

non prescription cialis tablets There seem to be two things you can do when you are arrested for DUI, assuming you’re sober enough to make a rational decision. Call one of those DUI defense attorneys who will advise you against admitting (or breathing) a thing, or suck it up and take your rap. When you’ve admitted you take prescription adderall, lexapro, xanax, bupropion, and cops find weed and wine in your car, as in the case of Andrea Davis, 41, busted in Newberry, Florida outside of Gainesville, and you’ve got your six and seven year old daughters in the backseat, either way, you’re going downtown.

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best place to buy free cialis from online pharmacy cheap Herein, you are presented by arresting officers who found the weed in your purse, and the wine in your center console with another option. If you’re holding any more drugs on your person, let us know now before we walk you into booking at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. This is like a game of trust us, you don’t want us giving you a cavity search, so be honest. And if you like, you’re facing additional charges. Andrea Davis decided to lie.

prednisone tablets usp 10 mg Not the best movie. Upon search, cops found a vapor pen with THC butter and a marijuana pipe and two baggies containing a small amount of cocaine on her person. And there tack on your extra charges. All in all, Davis was hit with DUI charges, as well as child neglect, cocaine and marijuana possession and smuggling contraband into a detention facility. All of that is going to sting hard. Which makes you wonder how much a person on four mind-altering prescription medications even can make sane decisions about what comes next. I guess you can’t actually plead insanity if you’re taking all those meds to prevent you from being insane. Catch-22. The wine was the kicker.
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