Anatomy Teacher Gabrielle Bauman Cops to Six Month Sexual Affair With Her High School Student

accutane 40 mg b i d Fast and Furious isn’t just the name of a played out and tired action film franchise, it best describes the rapidity and consistency with which our nation’s largely young and socially active female teachers are pouncing on young male teen meat in their classrooms. The arrests are nearly nonstop. And those are the ones we know about obviously. Imagine the multitude more that goes undiscovered or arrested.

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click here Gabrielle Bauman, 24, taught anatomy and biology at Hiawatha High School in Kansas. She apparently also taught anatomy in a special six month off-the-books course to a student of hers “at least sixteen years of age” as so named in the arrest complaint. Meaning, he wasn’t of age, but he wasn’t a child, for the purposes of charging.

click The sexual shenanigans began last November and continued on until May of this year. This was Bauman’s very first year of teaching, so, there goes your perfect score. At some point in June somebody tipped off the high school administrators who immediately contacted the local police for an immediate investigation. Once discovered, schools and cops are now primed to move on this quickly. Consider them heavily drilled and experienced on the process after several years of this sex crimes phenomenon around schools.

propecia compare price Bauman resigned in July, was arrested in August, and this past week pled no contest, as in, I’m a guilty mofo but being allowed to plead no contest in exchange for a deal, to one charge of felony unlawful sexual relations. Bauman won’t be formally sentenced for a couple months, but it’s presumed this will include some kind of lighter or suspended prison sentence, but a 25-year plan on the sex offender’s registry. Among other things, that means no more teaching. It also means you better hope your dates don’t go running background checks on you. Also, your parents have to change their last names or disavow you publicly.

source site Oh, when will this wave of female teachers on teen boys sex crimes ever end? If you’re better on never, you’re almost certainly a winner.

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