Amy Murray Arrested for Murdering Her Husband So She Could Be With Prison Inmate Boyfriend

buy cialis online without prescription This is one of those really hard to believe tales of stupid love that would be even harder to believe if you hadn’t just finished watching Showtime’s docu-drama, Escape at Dannemora, where nearly the same plot occurs. A female jail employee falls for a murderous lifer inmate and winds up wanting to kill her husband. Though in the Showtime movie the husband lives; in the case of jail nurse, Amy Murray, 40, the husband didn’t make it.

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lasix cause metabolic alkalosis According to arrest reports, Amy’s husband Joshua died in a fire this past December that was set intentionally by his wife to cover up his poisoning by antifreeze. The murder investigation launched when the medical examiner determined that Mr. Murray was dead before the “accidental” fire started and burned him alive in the couple’s home in Iberia, Missouri. The fire department had already concluded that accelerant had been used in the course of the fire, therefore it was already known to be arson. Amy Murray had attempted to cover her tracks by igniting the blaze, then driving her unsuspecting son and the family dogs to McDonald’s for dinner, to return home just in time (as in, too late) to call the fire department and report the fire.

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propecia and woman Police grew suspicious of Murray’s involvement in her husband’s death and began tracking her personal relationships, which led them to phone calls between herself and Eugene Claypool, a lifer in the Jefferson City Correctional Facility where Murray worked as a civilian nurse. Claypool was in the clink for the 2000 stabbing death of an old dude who had recently won the State Lottery. So, clearly an eligible bachelor. Based on recorded phone calls, it soon became clear that Amy Murray and Claypool had a thing going on, making plans for the future, including the quick exit of the construction worker husband, and Amy Murray helping Claypool gaining some kind of prison release. No, not that kind of release. Well, maybe.

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levitra without prescription houston texas Murray was arrested this past week for the murder of her husband. First-degree murder, meaning she’s not bested her new beau in the penal code. She was granted bail of $750,000 and bonded out of County while awaiting further proceedings. Not all states take their first degree murder bail super seriously. She is sort of a plotting woman who fell for a prisoner and planned the devious murder of her husband. But the streets are probably safe as she strategizes her and her killer boyfriend’s escape.

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accutane causing psychiatric issues Ah, love. Who can explain it’s mysterious ways.

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