Amethyst Baird decided to make a run from a traffic stop, after being pulled over in the middle of the night by a┬áLouisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries officer. But not before she shot Office Tyler Wheeler five times, twice in the arm, one to the body and one to the jaw and even a shot to the temple. It’s called a random spray of gunfire. The kind of trigger pulling that denotes being rather riled up and wanting to kill somebody.

Presumably, Baird was up to no good at the time of being pulled over by Officer Wheeler. Any cop will tell you the solo traffic stop is the single most dangerous element of their work. You’re truly exposed. Especially in the dark on the state highway in Louisiana at three in the morning. This is also why you see most TV news famous of officer involved shootings taking place during traffic stops. Everybody’s on edge. If you’ve been shot five time by Amethyst Baird, you can understand the nerves.

On the better news side, Officer Wheeler was miraculously not mortally wounded from the five gunshots and is expected to make a painful, but likely near full recovery. Shots to the temple are truly an ugly game of inches. Amethyst Baird was captured rather quickly and indicted on felony charges for shooting a law enforcement officer. A man named Jeremy Gullette was also arrested for accessory after the fact. Which is a solid reminder that if your crazy-ass girlfriend comes to your house in a flop sweat in the middle of the night asking you to hide her and a gun she just used to lay out a cop, breakup immediately. You didn’t. Now you’re going to jail as well.

The Baird shooting along with another shot-on-duty officer in Orlando the previous day a solid reminder that being a cop is an inherently dangerous job. While the vast majority of law enforcement officers will not be shot to death during the course of their employment, it’s still rather higher in percentage than tax accountant or hockey rink Zamboni operator. Bake some cookies and bing them to your local police station now.