Former America Idol Hottie, Antonella Barba, Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Fentanyl

Like 99-percent of celebrity fame and fortune hopefuls, the story of American Idol Season Six top 16 finalist, Antonella Barba, turns out poorly.

As a barely legal teenager in 2005, Barba was best known on American Idol as the girl who couldn’t seem to sing particularly well but was advanced in the show because she’s clearly a hot busty brunette from Jersey. That story was soon overtaken by the in-season release of racy photos of Barba, leaked onto a site eponymously called, Not long after, blow job sex pics of Barba appeared on another site, though they were fairly quickly proven to be phony.

Show producers, including Simon Cowell, were quick to the microphone to mention that these photos from Barba’s private life would not cause her elimination on the show. A few seasons earlier, a contestant named Frenchie Davis was DQ’ed when her previous nude photos appeared. Rosie O’Donnell noted the different actions taken by show producers and insisted that was because Frenchie Davis was fat and black. Show producers insisted the difference was that Davis had been a professional nude model, or been paid for her photos, while Barbas was leaked from some private amateur source. Seems like a stretch, but you’ve got to keep the hottie.

(Leaked semi-nude photos of Antonella Barba from 2005 above, served up on numerous websites in the birth of the celebrity blog era.)

Nevertheless, Barba was kicked off after making it to the Final 16. She claimed it was due to the semi-nude photos, though most people agreed she had rather limited singing talent. Everybody agreed the show is inane and who cares, though you could’ve kept the sexpot.

After Idol, Barba moved onto a variety of musical career choices, none of which seemed to go anywhere or pay off in the least. She turned down all of the obvious porn offers that came her way. She was arrested at some point for shoplifting. And that was about the extent of how she was heard from publicly in the following decade.

In retrospect, most people agree that Barba was hotter than she was musically inclined.

In October of 2018, Barba was in a parked rental car in Virginia and looking suspicious enough, or hot enough, for a cop to bang on her window to check her out. That led to the discovery of a shoebox full of what later turned out to be fentanyl. Almost a pound. Depending on your source, that’s mid-six figures of street value.

Barba was arrested as a courier for the highly toxic opioid, though released with an ankle bracelet to her parents home in Jersey. Something every 32-year-old should be doing if you get the opportunity. Also, yes, white privilege. Let’s be honest. Black chicks don’t get the beach townhouse arrest for felony possession.

Where did it all go wrong?

Apparently, Barba became a cooperative witness with investigators into a larger drug-running ring up the East Coast. She didn’t get a plea deal per se but pleaded guilty this week to multiple counts of possession, which is a lesser charge than she could’ve faced with the distribution. Still, she’s looking at a possible ten-year prison sentence, though most people expect that to be halved.

The sad decline of sexy young women who don’t quite make it in the entertainment business, at least those that don’t marry rich, is somewhat inevitable. Even ex-athletes get to play until they’re in their 30’s often, but peaking at 19 and trying to recapture that same feeling, as a career, never works.

Of course, you could get a real job. I understand most companies are hiring women these days. Make that all, if you’ve got wet-revealing photos circling the net and the hiring manager, is a dude.

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