Amber Turnage Indicted For Making Sex Tapes With Her 17-Year Old Student

go here A month ago we brought to you the story of the as of then unnamed biology teacher at Provine High School in Jackson, Mississippi who was under investigation for having sex with her male student multiple and many times over the course of the most recent five month prior to the inquiry. The investigation led to the arrest on six counts of sexual battery against the now named Amber Turnage. She’s already been fired. Now she’s facing serious felony charges.

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get link The Turnage case is somewhat unique, or uniquely stupid, in that the 30-something woman allowed her teen lover to film them having sex and produce a series of digitally taped evidence of both their illicit passion, and now likely an open and shut case on her crimes. Sex tapes make a lot of sense to young people who have horrible decision making skills and know nothing of the 100% incidence of hindsight regret for one or both parties to the films. For a grown woman and teacher committing a sex crime, well, you expect more of your biology teacher by way of intelligence. She did buy him gift cards to keep quiet. Also, not enough. Amber Turnage had only been teaching at Provine High School for a year when she commenced Operation Illegal Amazing Sex With Hunky Teen Boy. Based on a Facebook video, this also appears to be shortly after Turnage completed gastric bypass surgery and dropped a ton of weight, down from 300 pounds. If you believe in coincidences, continue believing.

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go to site The more these cases arise, the more you realize these ladies are hardly the victims of random lovestruck happenstance. They are diving into these illegal sexual affairs rather quickly in their tenure. Almost as if they had thought about it prior to taking positions. Perish the thought. According to the teachers union, there are no predators in their ranks. Sort of like how the Soviets insisted they had no gay citizens. The truth will set you free. Unless that truth is you boinking an underaged student on video tape. Then, not so much.

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