I understand the meth face, and the resisting arrest by lying about who you are and locking yourself in the bathroom when cops come at 2am to arrest you on outstanding warrants. Classic Kentucky late night escapades. What continues to elude me is the nature of the arresting officers allegations of assault by Amanda Peters, 26, of Livingston, Kentucky in his explanation that Peters “intentionally released her bowels in an upward motion” upon him. Try to imagine that in your brain. You can’t. I’ve had bowels for a long time, they only work in a downward motion, but maybe I’ve been missing something my entire life. The upward shit.

source link Peters was under warrant for various kinds of theft and using false names and other things that might happen to a woman with a drugged out face as in her mugshot. And then she went and locked herself in the bathroom when officers entered the location where she was staying. One deputy busted open the door, at which point, Peters allegedly aimed and “caused said bodily waste of land on the face, arms and legs of this Deputy.” You’ve disgusted me and lost me at the same time. You could certainly defecate on somebody beneath you. But that upward motion bit, implying he was struggling with Peters and she shat her shit up into his face, nope, still drawing an illustrative blank.

watch Regardless, Peters is now in custody and will be processed in a system that will likely see her on the streets defecating on future victims in the near future. Not much you can do with drug addicts whose brains are already semi-permanently fried. Other than put her on a Greyhound to Los Angeles as many states are doing now, knowing they won’t come back.