cheapest generic propecia Amanda Lenea Pardue, because sex offenders get three names, 35, a substitute teacher in Georgia’s Dade County public schools, was busted for transmitting nude and or lascivious and obscene photos of herself to multiple 14-year old boys at one of the area high schools where she worked. The County is not saying which school specifically within the District, but suffice it to say, ask any kid in the area and they can tell you in half a second.

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follow url The attractive sub, and from her social media accounts, apparently sports mom of three kids, apparently used Snapchat as her visual topless photos sharing app of choice. As far as anybody can measure, 99% of photo traffic on Snapchat is illicit underaged photos, or potentially 30-something teachers sending nude selfies to those same underaged teens. While not confirmed, it also appears there are text messages of a lewd nature between Pardue and the boys. According to Pardue’s attorney, this is all a big misunderstanding and that these group messages between multiple parties with only Pardue’s messages pulled out are unduly negative due to lack of context. Unclear how that might apply to the teacher lifting her clothes to snap some bawdy shots for the high school freshmen in her classes, but this is why you hire lawyers, to obfuscate to the point of getting a better deal on your crimes.

source url Pardue surrendered to the Dade County Sheriff with her lawyer in tow, and promptly bonded out on $30,000. Pardue has already been fired from the school district and assume the other Little League and soccer moms are not wanting her around their kids since she’s been arrested for sending naked selfies to other boys. Sports moms have codes like that. What possessed the teacher to say yes to a bunch of juvenile boys asking to see titties remains unclear, though your best guess is probably right.

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