We told you last week how the blond 20-something super-sub teacher Allyson Brittany Moran was arrested in her home town of Mt. Zion, Illinois, where she apparently left Michigan for after charges were filed in her arrest for sexual intercourse with an underaged male student at Stockbridge High School in the Wolverine State.

Moran waived extradition, allowing herself to be transported by cops across state lines from Illinois back to Ingham County, Michigan for arraignment on three felony counts and one misdemeanor count of sexual conduct with a student. It’s unclear what the felonies versus the misdemeanor distinctions were in the charging, but imagine the foreplay leading to the actual penetration sex and you’ll have some idea how penal code violations rack up when you hook up with the kid in your high school class and you’re the teacher.

Moran was an outsourced substitute teacher, placed into the Stockbridge High School by a staffing agency. Though the assignment seemed to be for the entire 2016-2017 school year. It also looks as if Moran was given a speedy certification process to get her into the gig. Not that a long term teaching certification process would prevent a young man hungry married woman from hitting the teen flesh, but the quick process is certain to come up in the inevitable lawsuit.

Moran is out on bail awaiting a preliminary hearing on October 5th. These cases move pretty fast once the plea deals start flying. Nobody wins if this hot sex mess goes to trial. She looks horrible. The kid has to pretend he hated the sex on the stand. The parents look like helicopter clan. The school looks irresponsible. The staffing agency delinquent. Moran should be all set for the three year sentence with two suspended and probation and that sex offender list. It’s almost rote at this point. According to her social media pages, she loves haiku. There’s something to fall back on professionally.

No word yet on how the new husband is taking the news. Imagine it’s a more than awkward and infuriating news flash for you as that guy.