Allison Marchese locked the door of her high school classroom in Madison, Connecticut in 2015. She pulled the blinds and commenced to provide fellatio to a seventeen year old football player at the school. That fateful hummer would set in motion a course of events that would see Marchese sentenced to three years in prison plus one year probation, not to mention a flurry of civil suits ongoing against the school district in the upscale Connecticut borough.

In addition to her locked door oral sex, Marchese had also been texting naughty photos of herself and come-ons to a fifteen year old boy at the school. She apparently was on the prowl that Spring. Her then husband, a teacher at the same school, noted that leading up to those events his wife was working out a lot and spending a ton of time on social media. The latter an element we’ve seen now of pretty much every single female teacher illicit affair. Having to make phone calls or visit the home of your underaged lover was slightly more inconvenient for the pederastic cougar anytime before a decade or so ago. Knock knock. Is your son home? Could you please hand him this Polaroid of me, his teacher, in panties and a corset? Let him know I think he’s very mature for his age. Thanks in advance.

Allison Marchese seemed way too young for a midlife crisis.

During the trial Marchese was painted as not only a horny predator, but when the seventeen-year old boy mentioned he might tell somebody what happened, Marchese threatened him with being kicked off the football team. Later she amended that to note she had family mafia connections and the teen should proceed accordingly. That’s not very nice. Certainly not as nice as an after-class blow job to feel young again.

Marchese threw herself on the mercy of the court, noting that her marriage had already been ruined, and that she cared mostly for her two children in regard to her ultimate adjudication. That kid part really is sad. For as much as the teen boys were coaxed into citing tons of mental and psychological trauma from being sexually courted by Allison Marchese, you have to wonder if not the entirety of that victimization impact was encouraged by the parents and attorneys suing the school district for big bucks.

“I became a kid who had sex with a teacher,” said the seventeen year old football player “I know it’s cool to do that in some cultures, but in my world, it’s now considered shameful. I became the outcast, the pervert.”

The husband you might consider a greater victim, and the two children most definitely. Losing mom for multiple years, and under this pretense, can not be good for a rearing legacy. Not like mom went off to fight for her country and missed some key years of your growing up. Mom was having a very early mid-life crisis and feeling randy for teen conquest.

It’s the Internet age. You can only lie to your children until they’re old enough to Google. The window is super brief and unforgiving.