Allison Mack Pleads Guilty to Her ‘Lieutenant’ Role in Sex Cult

cheap soft viagra no prescription Former Smallville actress turned sex cult second-in-command, Allison Mack, gave up the ghost on multiple rounds of not-guilty pleas in racketeering charges and pled guilty to two felony counts.

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is there an over the counter drug like viagra Each Federal felony count carries a maximum of 20-years in prison, though Mack will likely be cooperating with prosecutors in the remaining case against her co-defendants, and receive a substantially reduced sentence.

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Mack’s Plea Deal Came Right As Jury Selection Began.

flecainide drug interactions alcohol viagra Mack was facing numerous felony charges alongside fellow NXIVM cult leaders, Keith Raniere, the cult leader, Clare Bronfman, liquor heiress and financial supporter of the cult, and Kathy Russell, another senior cult official who helped make the cult machine oiled.

over the counter viagra similar drugs Mack’s specific role in the cult was to recruit the desperate and needy actresses and other self-doubting young women into the “self-actualization and improvement” group which was merely a ruse for Raniere to exploit desperate women sexually and otherwise.

Allison Mack seemed so nice and trusting when she was starring on Smallville. Women in the cult were extorted and blackmailed to remain, turn over their worldly assets, be branded about the pubic region with the Raniere’s mark, and work for free, in between rounds of sexually pleasing Raniere. All the big cult favorites. Mack’s actress background and profile served well to bring some sense of legitimacy to the recruiting process. Allegedly, she was also the lead extorter of the women in the cult, forcing them into sex with Raniere.

The Defendants Claim It Was All Consensual The four defendants, being tried together until Mack’s defection, claim through their attorney that the cult, and the sex and the other fine fun elements of submission were entirely consensual. It’s not a horrible defense as clearly parts of it, like joining in the first place, were entirely voluntary, even if under false pretenses.

Adorable Allison Mack at Comic-Con 2008 talking about Smallville

edarbi similar drugs to viagra Just as the Federal case was beginning, additional word came in that at least one underaged woman would be adding charges against Raniere for sexual assault. That may be the straw that broke Mack’s loyalty back.

levitra how to use It also works against the consensual defense as an underaged woman can not legally consent. Expect more defections and Raniere to eventually stand-alone.

Mack Cried During Her Guilty Plea, Of Course

viagra canadian pharmacy dosage As you might imagine, Mack wept as she stood before the judge to plead guilty to the two felony counts of racketeering. She is a trained actress. And crying never hurts.

go here “I believed Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people, and I was wrong,” sobbed Mack. You know, but I was only wrong by a little.

generic vardenafil pills Mack openly apologized to all the women she’d lured into the self-help group slash sex and blackmail cult. Imagine those women searching for forgiveness while examining the hot brand burns on their pubic regions.

enter Opening statements in the continued trial begin April 29. Mack herself won’t be sentenced formally until September.

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