follow Allison Leigh Chilton, 27, a teacher and basketball coach at Oakbrook Middle School in South Carolina, stands accused of a budding lesbian romance with a former student and current basketball player on her team at the school. The illicit communications apparently began when the girl was in Chilton’s seventh grade class, aged 12, and continued on this year as a coach-player relationship.

vardenafil online prezzo piĆ¹ basso According to the arrest reports, Chilton kissed and fondled the girl on multiple occasions, and sent her lewd text messages regarding sexual contact. The girl’s father became concerned when he found a text to his daughter from the teacher and coach about wanting to be his daughter’s wife. That’s an odd one to uncover. Maybe less expected than a dirty old man sending her dick pics even. Once the dad showed police the texts, the investigation didn’t take much time before Chilton’s arrest on criminal solicitation of a minor and criminal sexual contact with a minor charges. Chilton posted $30,000 bond to get herself out of jail while awaiting formal arraignment on the charges. She has been suspended from her position at the Oakbrook Middle School pending investigation. Meaning, thanks to union rules, we can’t actually fire her until there’s a conviction on her sexing up a twelve-year old. And that could take a while. In the meantime, let’s pay her.

prednisone 20mg tablets This is one of the more outlier stories of teacher-student sex cases arising nearly daily around the country. Because of the lesbian nature of the case and the young age of the girl. Though when you get hundreds if not thousands of cases, there will be the odd ones simply by statistical nature. If not deviant human nature. You wonder if she was a decent basketball coach. The female prison system could probably use one.

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