Alleged Pooper Elizabeth Stull Charged with Vandalism After Squatting in Patrol Car

siti sicuri per comprare viagra generico 50 mg pagamento online a Firenze Elizabeth Stull sounds like a real troublemaker, but maybe not the fun kind that you want to hang out with, unless you’ve covered your belongings with plastic.

enter According to police, they encountered Stull, 29, at the Nashville Rescue Mission, a Christian mission for the homeless and otherwise disenfranchised in Nashville, Tennessee. Stull had achieved the dubious honor of being banned from the mission. Employees called police to report that Stull had come back anyhow and would not leave. When security attempted to remove her, they claimed she assaulted the security guard as well as another woman.


dove acquistare levitra contrassegno When police arrived, they noticed that Stull appeared to be pretty drunk. As she was allegedly trespassing and causing a disturbance, they handcuffed her and placed her in the back of the patrol car with the intention of arresting her. Now it seems as though if what Stull had wanted was a place to sleep off her booze, she’d certainly earned it along with a couple hot meals. Yet Stull had other needs, too.

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Dramatic Re-enactment (Pixabay) As officers transported Stull to jail, she finagled out other pants and pooped everywhere. That’s not a crime, in and of itself, but Stull has since been charged with vandalism for the errant act. According to the affidavit, Stull “polluted the rear seat of the patrol car with man-made biological contaminates alerting the integrity of the atmosphere and causing substantial inconvenience to the officers having to clean the solid and liquid materials out of the rear of the patrol car.”

see It’s the “solid and liquid” part that really says it all, perhaps.

branded cialis Featured Image: Metro Nashville Police

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