Alex Direeno Held Out Sex for McNuggets

iv lasix push Once again those darn McDonald’s fried bits of chicken parts is parts hold tremendous allure for the criminal element. A couple weeks ago Facebook killer Steve Stephens of Cleveland was nabbed in a McDonald’s drive-thru waiting on his McNuggets order. Now Alex Direeno of Bradenton, Florida has been arrested on charges related to prostitution following a sex-for-money vice sting in which Direeno wanted $25 plus an order of Chicken McNuggets in exchange for her services.

follow url It’s hard to say whether or not Direeno would’ve been arrested if she’d only asked for the nuggets. We do recall the case of another Florida prostitute who asked for a couple bucks worth of taco bell. Either the fast food is amazing in the Sunshine State, or strung out hookers make horrible decisions in pretty much every aspect of their lives. Bet on the latter if you’re forced to bet.

follow An undercover detective told the woman he wanted oral sex and she agreed to do it for $25. As they briefly went back and forth on the price, she finally agreed to perform the act for $25 and chicken McNuggets.

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miglior sito per comprare viagra generico 200 mg spedizione veloce a Venezia Direeno was also arrested on an outstanding warrant, which you presume is true of every streetwalker, and for holding drug paraphernalia, which you presume is also on every girl out on the streets trading sex for Mickey D’s. It’s more pathetic than anything else, though you do ultimately have to clear the bottom rung dregs off the sidewalks as they set the groundwork for more involved and violent types of crimes. Drugs, gangs, assaults. It all starts with the ladies of the evening simply trying to make it until tomorrow. You’d like to think this problem might be solved at some point, but being that it’s the oldest profession and still thriving, don’t count on it in your lifetime.

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