Aimee and Alan Friz (Dubois County Sheriff's Dept.)

Police responded to an Indiana home after a citizen called in a wellness check on a 14-year-old special needs girl. There, the girl told officers that she and her grandfather, Alan P. Friz, 57, had gotten into an altercation over a basketball the girl had been playing with that Friz took away.

The girl then told police something disturbing. She claimed that Friz and his pregnant wife, 36-year-old Aimee Friz, locked her in a cage every night. She was forced to sleep in the cage, she said, and had to use a bedpan instead of a toilet. Additionally, she complained that Mr. Friz would fondle her breasts, including at times when she was trapped in the cage.

Police conducted a search of the home, in which they located a wooden cage outfitted with a mattress and bedpan. If there was any doubt as to who the cage was for, the girl’s name was written on the outside.

But the Frizes did not deny that they locked the teen in a cage. They described her as being extremely aggressive and a potential threat to the other children in the home. Aimee Friz said the girl frequently said she was going to murder her and her unborn child. Therefore, the couple decided the best thing to do would be to confine her to the cage while they slept, lest she try something in the middle of the night. That doesn’t explain why Mr. Friz allegedly touched the girl’s breasts.

The girl has since been removed from the home, and will hopefully find respite among people who know how to treat her. The couple have pleaded not guilty to neglect and confinement, while Mr. Friz alone has pleaded not guilty to an additional charge of sexual misconduct.

Disturbingly, Alan Friz is a well-known dentist within his community. Let’s hope there’s nothing Seinfeldian going on over there.

Featured Image: Aimee and Alan Friz (Dubois County Sheriff’s Dept.)