Alabama Woman Arrested After Shooting Her Husband in Road Rage Incident

That sinking feeling when you’re aiming your gun at the a-hole who just cut you off in the other car and you accidentally shoot your own husband next to you in the head.

Erica Cole, a Bremen, Alabama woman, was charged with attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment, after she tried to shoot (or at least aim her gun) in a road rage incident and the gun went blooey and shot her loving husband in the head. I say “loving” after reviewing a Facebook page showing the pair in a number of recent romantic photos. Assume the bullet wasn’t mean for the old man.

Very few specifics of the road rage incident are being released by the police. It’s not even clear if the other car and driver in this incident are known. What is known, or worth considering, is why a woman would be pulling a loaded gun out to settle the matter.

Also yet to be revealed is whether Bonnie Parker Jr. here was driving and shooting or if hubby asked her to reach into the glove and take care of this thorn in their side.

For his part, Nicholas Cole is said to be in stable condition at the hospital. Or as stable as you can be after your wife shoots you in the head from a close distance. Assume he will be questioned.

enzyte viagra Road rage is a real thing.

Those bogeyman stories you tell your wife or sister or daughter or even occasionally a male relative about how “it’s not worth it” to honk your horn or engage with another angry stranger on the road are useful warnings. As it turns out, Erica Cole is out there with a handgun ready to settle matters. Be thankful she has horrible aim.

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