Alabama Sheriff’s Daughter-in-Law Arrested for Sex With Her High School Student

follow Alabama is one of those Southern states where the age of consent is rather low (16, even younger for similarly aged lovers), but with a strict rule prohibiting teachers from having sex with any student under the age of 19. The law was put into place following some slew of such cases, though it’s Constitutionality remains under debate in the State Supreme Court.

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viagra mail order uk Nevertheless, it snagged another randy female teacher this past week. Madison County High School teacher, Lyndsey Sherrod Bates, 22, was arrested on multiple counts of sex with a student under the magic age, and for distributing obscene material to the very same teen boy.

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Bates Is in Her First Year of Teaching

source site Bates didn’t make it far into her high school teaching career before succumbing to the pleasures of the illegal sex. This was her first year as a teacher at Madison County High, or anywhere else for that matter. She couldn’t even make it one school year.

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Nothing cuter than a young woman and her special puppy; oh, Mrs. Bates.

follow Upon her arrest, Bates was charged with one felony count of engaging in sex with a student under the age of 19. She was also charged with distributing obscene materials to a student which are presumably naughty photos and sexts between her and her high school student.

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go While 22 seems pretty young and perhaps not all that much older than her high school boy lover, the law is the law. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. And a bunch of other tired adages.

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Complicating Matters, Bates Is the Daughter-in-Law of the County Sheriff If you’re looking for small Southern town gossip and intrigue, look no farther than this teacher sex case as Bates is the daughter-in-law of the Chief of Deputy Sheriff’s in Madison County.

get link Which means two things. First, the Sheriff’s Office had to go to great lengths to insist the Sheriff took no part in the arrest or charging or the case in general. And two, wow, rumor and gossip central on the Sheriff and his son and daughter-in-law henceforth.
Lyndsey and Drew Bates went to Bible High School together and later married young.

purchase free viagra Bates turned herself into police for processing on the charges. She’s been handed $32,000 in bail, which if you’re familiar with Alabama bail, is rather high. Meanwhile, Madison County High School has offered up obligatory counseling to any students who may be mentally dismayed by not being the one to have had sex with their cute first-year teacher.
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