44-year old Alabama high school teacher, Carrie Witt.

In a ruling certain to send shockwaves, if not orgasmic tremors, through the loins of randy female teachers across this great public school nation, Alabama Circuit Court Judge Glen Thompson threw out a criminal case against Decatur High School teacher Carrie Witt for having sex with a seventeen and eighteen year old students at her school.

The age of consent in Alabama as in many Southern states is sixteen. After a rash of incidents with teachers having sex with their “legal aged” high school students, Alabama passed a law providing that any sex between teacher and students up to age nineteen would be unlawful and prosecutable. Numerous other states in the regions followed similar suit. To protect the children. At least to protect them from their very own state’s somewhat lenient age of consent laws.

Witt appealed the sex charges against her citing their unconstitutionality and the judge agreed.

“It doesn’t mean we think teachers should be having sex with students, but this is not the way to handle that.”

If the high school students are of legal age of consent, they can consent to sex with their teachers and vice versa. No law can abridge the inalienable right to get it on if you’re a statutory adult. This would be unless the prosecution could show how the teacher specifically used her standing in the school or power over the student to coerce a sexual relationship. In this case, as you might imagine, the seventeen and eighteen year old students involved were quite ready, willing, and able to get it on with their 44-year old teacher. And as the judge declared, you can’t ban them from their right to get jiggy with it.

Naturally, this ruling is likely to have repercussions across numerous existing cases we’ve covered where teachers especially in the Southern states have been charged and prosecuted with these sex with legal aged student cases. Expect to see many more appeals and judges asked to find similar to Alabama reasoning as to their unconstitutionality.

Should the laws be forced into abandon, expect this phenomena of female teachers inviting teen boys into their homes, cars, and park bushes to only increase. It’s so very hard to stop horny people from winning out.