follow url Abigail Geiger, 22, of Lititz, Pennsylvania, has been accused of injuring a man’s genitals during a vicious shower fight. According to police, they were called after a neighbor reported a fight in Geiger’s home. When they arrived, Geiger told them that she and a man had indeed gotten in a fight, but that the man had left.

go here The victim had apparently gone to the hospital for injuries to his genitals, which allegedly occurred after he and Geiger got into an argument that escalated to physical violence in the shower.

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Abigail Geiger (The Smoking Gun)

side effects from use of prednisone The victim was identified by The Smoking Gun as Geiger’s husband, David Geiger. The couple have bene married since February and have a four-month-old daughter together. According to documents obtained by TSG, Geiger attempted to prevent him from exiting the shower by grabbing his genitals, causing “puncture marks and scratch marks.” Geiger had bruising on her back and chest, apparently the result of her husband attempting to shove her away from him, but police determined that the party with the busted junk was the victim in this particular incident. Fair call. 

Lindsay Nicole Clay (Salisbury PD)

see url Though we do know that Mr. Geiger sought treatment for his damaged genitals, it is not clear to what extent he was injured. Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery. In related news, a 31-year-old North Carolina woman identified as Lindsay Nicole Clay has been charged with assault and kidnapping after her boyfriend showed police a video of Clay allegedly chasing him around and biting him in an effort to prevent him from leaving her home. Apparently, Clay was not happy to see images of her boyfriend and another woman on Snapchat, though it’s not clear what those images contained that provoked such a toothy response.


source url Featured Image: Abigail Geiger (North Lancaster Regional Police Department)