There’s nothing like the love between a parent and their child. But in the case of one Oklahoma mother, the love she felt for her children was a little too strong, legally speaking.

Police discovered that Patricia Ann Spann, 43, had married her own 25-year-old daughter, whose name is an unfortunate trinity of porn pseudonyms: Misty Velvet Dawn. Police learned of the unholy union after conducting a child welfare check. And that’s not all: they found that Patricia Ann had previously married her own son, Cody Spann, in 2008, though he filed for divorce after only 15 months, citing “incest” as the reason for their split.  

Both women were arrested, apparently at a moment when both were wearing Superman shirts, if their mugshots are any indication. But Patricia claimed she had a good reason to think she could marry her own daughter. She had lost custody of three of her children many years ago. They children were raised by their grandmother on their father’s side, and Patricia had only rekindled her relationship with her daughter a mere two years ago. Because she did not appear by name on Misty’s birth certificate, she figured it would be okay for the two to get married. Apparently, paperwork seemed more binding to Misty than, say, blood or DNA.

While Patricia Ann said that she married her son in order to avoid being deployed, she claimed she only married her daughter in the hopes of adopting another child. Which, theoretically she would not be blood-related to, so maybe she was hoping to marry that child, too. However, Patricia Ann’s ex-husband-slash-son, Cody Spann, told a local news station that he thought his mother was a “worthless” individual had had coerced his sister into the marriage.

“For you to want to put your own daughter through this, what kind of person are you? If that’s what you want that’s on you, but none of us kids want that, and now you got my sister behind bars because of your choices, why don’t you let that sit on you as a mom.”

It’s not clear if Patricia Ann and her Misty Velvet Dawn had an intimate relationship, but under Oklahoma law, a marriage between close family members is still illegal, even if the couple never rounds first base.

Photo Credit: Stephens County Sheriff’s Department