accutane australia Seventy-seven is a big number. It’s the boiling point of nitrogen, a password used by Swedish soldiers in WWII, and the name of The Talking Heads’ first album. It’s also the number of times Tina Marie Vanderhorst, 62, is accused of stabbing 64-year-old Robert Lynch.

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follow link On September 12, Philly firefighters responded to a fire in an apartment building. Inside, they found Robert, dead. Investigators believe he had been died from the multiple stab wounds, and that Tina came back to set his body on fire after he was already dead. Tina was arrested this week and charged with murder, robbery, arson, and a rather fun-sounding charge, “Causing a Catastrophe.”

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Footage from her previous arrest. (Image: ABC 6)
Footage from her previous arrest. (Image: ABC 6)

prezzo vardenafil generico 20 mg online Police say Tina may have lived in a different unit in the same building and therefore knew Robert, and that had argument between the two led to her murderous rampage. Police are quite familiar with Tina. She was arrested in the 90s for selling her 2-year-old son to someone she did not know for a mere $500, then using that money to purchase crack.

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see Image: Philadelphia Police Dept.