Here’s a disturbing trend: mothers who do not intervene when their loser boyfriends abuse their children. Oriana Iris Garcia pleaded guilty for her role in the death of her son. Though she did not kill him, she also did absolutely nothing to save him from death.

Garcia, her son Jack, and her 25-year-old brother Jacob Barajas had moved from California to Maryland to live with Robert Lee Wilson, 32, whom Garcia had met online. Wilson, who worked in a restaurant as a cook, was described as controlling, a trait that would end in murder in June of 2015.

Robert Lee Wilson (Image: NBC)

According to court records, Garcia chose not to enroll her child in school and left him home alone most of the day with her jobless brother. Wilson was weirdly obsessed with how much food the boy ate and how much exercise he got, and frequently abused him. Five days before the boy’s death, Jack was accused of eating a piece of cake that Wilson had intended for his own 2-year-old daughter when she came to visit. Now, there’s a simple solution to that: buy more cake. However, Barajas instead handcuffed the boy to a chair. Wilson then called Garcia at work and told her that her son needed to be punished. Garcia agreed.

Wilson attempted to make Jack pay for eating the cake by slugging him in the stomach several times. Barajas said Wilson repeatedly screamed at the boy to cough up the cake while Jack cried, and that the brutality of the beating was so severe that he couldn’t bear to watch. Instead of stopping it, however, he simply looked away.

Jack Garcia (Image: Family Photo)

The boy’s condition did not improve even days after the beating, something police say Garcia must have known, as she had apparently researched head trauma online. She also spent hours dicking around on Facebook and watching cute animal videos. What she did not do was seek medical attention for her son. Barajas eventually called an ambulance for his nephew, yet Garcia told them her son didn’t need help and sent them away. Five hours later, Jack stopped breathing and died. 

Garcia now faces 30 years in prison. Barajas pleaded guilty to his role in the death in late 2016, and Wilson has already been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Image: Booking photo