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Aussie Transgender Axe-Attacker, Evie Amati, Gets 9-Years for 7-Eleven Attack

It’s been two years now since we first reported the axe-attacks on innocent convenience store customers in Sydney, Australia, by Evie Amati, 26, a transgender woman who claimed mental health as a defense for swinging an axe at both a male and female customer in line at a 7-Eleven store. She swung at a third victim but he used his backpack to shield the blow. The first two victims suffered serious facial contusions and lacerations from the axe blows.

Prosecutors claimed Amati was distraught from a Tinder date gone bad when she was rejected by a woman who found out Amati used to be a man and took her violent axe-rage out on innocents in the store. Amati posted some nonsense about the hatefulness of humanity on Facebook before leaving her apartment with an axe that evening. Amati pleaded not-guilty in court by reason of mental health related to how how transgender hormone therapy made her blackout crazy.

Amati claimed the medications gave her longstanding visions of picking up an axe and going “suicide by cop” on police officers. Though since she chose people buying frozen burritos at 7-Eleven instead for her axe-rage, she seems to have selected more vulnerable targets and no suicide. She later claimed she passed out in a nearby courtyard and couldn’t remember much; this after cops arrested her. Legal defenses get narrowed when you’re captured on multiple store camera with a bloody axe.

Amati gained huge fame post-arrest in Australia not only for the gruesome attack, but because Evie (formerly Karl) was known as a scholarly student from a well-off upbringing. This made her descent into madness all the more sensational.

After two years, Amati was finally sentenced off a guilty conviction to 9-years in prison, though she will be eligible for parole after half that time. Hard to say if Australian penal systems are easier on transgender would-be axe murderers than elsewhere, though this penalty seems rather light in light of fact she easily could’ve killed two or three people with that frigging axe.

British Geography Teacher Banned for Life After Lesbian Affair With 15-Year Old Student

Nobody ever suspects the Brits of being improper. I think it’s the accent. Formal Elizabethan English can get you off the Usual Suspects list pretty quickly. Though not so for Suzanne Harrison, now 46, but at the time of her offense, 33, recently banned for life from teaching by some super slow moving body in England that decides such matters.

Harrison was a geography teacher in 2006 when she came to be friends with a 15-year old female student, and friends with her family as well. So much so that the family let Harrison watch their daughter as a sitter of sorts. Ah, there’s the rub. Because that’s when Harrison made her first move on the teen girl and the sex never stopped for the next four years. Such is the power of an older lesbian with good technique. Plus all of those emotions from being inexperienced and having an older woman show you the way. I’m a guy, so I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I’ve read it in various lesbian erotic journals I occasionally peruse.

Harrison was busted way back in 2010 when she passed her now late teen girl lover off to a woman she knew to be her new girlfriend. That’s when the girl spilled the beans and the authorities were called. Vagina is not a territory you’re allowed to teach in high school geometry apparently. In 2011, Harrison was suspended from teaching and facing all kind of charges from various British sounding courts which essentially did nothing because England doesn’t take these kinds of offenses all that offensively, plus gender bias naturally.

No word on why the good people of England have a teaching authority oversight group that took another eight years to lifetime ban Harrison from teaching, but they just did this past week. They called out her abuse of trust, now many years earlier, mentioned the word sex and all giggled to themselves, then told her she’d never work again in this country. Likely, being a famous defiler of teen girl students, she wasn’t really working in the profession any longer. But she is blonde and a British 8 or an American 6, so presume she made out okay regardless. Ah, teachers. If they’re not striking, they are scoring.

Shanna Kota and Sarah Prange Spiked Their Recovery Home Manager’s Mac and Cheese with Heroin

Imagine that recovery homes have a ton of built-in drama. Shanna Kota, 40, and Sarah Prange, 22, apparently conspired to lace the mac and cheese dinner of their Port Huron, Michigan recovery home manager with heroin because they didn’t want her working there any longer. That’ll do it. No word yet if they intended to actually poison her, or merely jam her up on drug testing, but the 38-year old victim claims she heard rumors that Kota and Prange were conspiring against her, so when the cheese tasted funny, she tossed it and checked herself out at the emergency room. That’s when cops got involved.

Kota has the most adorable social media pages filled with sweet pictures of all her various children, young and not so young, including friends connections with Prange on Facebook. Prange herself appears to be a young mother. No clue on how the pair ended up together working and living in a recovery home in their home town of Port Huron, Michigan, though drugs would seem to be the natural connection. And I don’t know about you, but if I wanted to poison somebody, not like I have heroin lying around in my pantry.

Kota and Prange were arrested and rung up on felony poisoning charges which comes with a potential fifteen year sentence. Both are being held on $100,000 bond at the St. Clair County Intervention Center. Perhaps another example of “don’t judge a book by it’s happy happy joy joy Facebook profile”.

Heidi Lueders Arrested For Starving Dogs to Death at Her Pit Bull Rescue

There are two great forces at work in the tale of Heidi Lueders. One, a multiple times arrested for assault, shady, troubled, and drug addicted 31-year old woman is constantly up to no good. And two, an attractive blonde who could maintain a smile and convince people she was on the level. The next time you hear a good looking blonde woman talk about how tough it is to be her, consider the breaks built-in.

Lueders has been involved in one way or another with dogs, pit bulls in particular, throughout her adult life. For the past several years, she listed herself as the President of the Bully Breed Rescue in New Canaan, Connecticut, serving to rescue dogs from shelters in the area. Rescue dogs largely means pit bulls in most areas of the country as these, or half-breeds of pit bulls, are by far the most abandoned breed needing new homes else facing being put down.

Heidi’s most recent of several mugshots

It’s unclear if Lueders ever had earnest intentions or not with funds she raised for her rescue, but she seems to have spent most of the money on her heroin addiction, as heroin addicts do. Which ultimately led police to discover the remains of multiple dogs she claimed to her donor had found new homes or sanctuary, to have been starved to death in cages for lack of care or feeding obviously over some period of time. The cops found nothing but rot and dog carcasses in cages when they entered based off tips.

An arrest warrant was issued for Lueders back in November, but it took until this past week, after what she claimed was a stint in a rather luxurious drug treatment center, that Lueders turned herself in on five counts of cruelty to animals, and also charges related to all the damage she did to the rented home.

Lueders is no virgin to the criminal justice system. She was arrested on two occasions in 2015. The first, that wonderful time she took a hammer to the car of her new boyfriend’s ex-wife to show her what’s what and a rather violent altercation occurred between Lueders, her boyfriend, and his ex-wife when she came outside to see who was beating on her car. Also, in the same year, Lueders was arrested for a fight with another woman who she claimed owed her money and decided to settle matters by releasing one of her pit bulls on the woman, who suffered bites on her ankle.

Is Lueders simply a bad seed or was there once good before the heroin took over? These are the eternal questions you don’t need to spend time considering, because it no longer matters. What is worth noting is how many chance a comely looking blonde woman might get that others in our society don’t. The bigger question for today. Plus those poor dogs. This woman may still not get what’s coming to her, though the heroin will likely ultimately even the score.

28-Year Old Female Teacher in Australia Busted on 71 Counts of Sex With Underaged Female Students

And the hits, and arrests, keep right on rolling. A 28-year old HS teacher outside of Perth, Australia, was charged with numerous counts of having sexual relations with three different girls between the ages of 13 and 17. That’s a rather prolific illegal dating life for a teacher. Even a randy lesbian teacher with her eye on young flesh.

Australia, like England, has a whole series of laws that prevent media outlets and newspapers from reporting the names or alleged perpetrators post-arrest but prior to conviction. It’s a rather old-fashioned convention that belies the age of modern media wherein everybody at the school in question and surrounding environs obviously knows and shares the name of the high school teacher arrested on 71 counts of criminal lesbian sex. You have to. But journalists can’t report her name. Go figure, Australia.

The woman, who was charged by police last August, has not yet entered a plea but her lawyer told a Rockingham court this week that she intended to fight the charges.

– The West Australian

We’ll keep you updated on the case. Perhaps it’s somewhat reassuring to know female teachers around the Western world are delving into their teen pupils. Or perhaps it’s simply more scary that this is a universal sign of the times.

Female HS Teacher in Liberal, Kansas Arrested for Sex With Teen Student

UPDATE: We now know the name of the teacher involved. 25-year old Rachel Wrobel, a teacher at Liberal High School in Kansas.

Neither Liberal High School in Kansas, nor the city police are revealing the name of the 25-year old teacher who resigned amid investigation and her ultimate arrest into sexual relations with an 18-year old student at the school. Now, the age of consent in Kansas is 16, but the state has had a law in place for many years now making it a crime for a high school teacher to have sex with a student of any age in her school. Thus, busted.

In the police report, the authorities are only listing a single incident as the cause of the arrest, something that occurred near Blue Bonnet Park, in Liberal Kansas. The place sounds like a wholesome bit of Americana, if you don’t look in the bushes to see what’s really going on. Pretty much like every public park in America I suppose.

Chalk this one up to the school year of 2018-19 looking to break the previous year’s previous records on teachers having sex with students, including very much female teachers as the predators. It’s a very real phenomenon that the nation’s teachers unions and their lackeys in the press are trying very hard to hard, for obvious reasons. It’s one thing to work over stats and make them look as you wish for presentations on how great a job you’re doing. But when teachers are being arrested for sexual assault left and right, that’s really hard to gloss over.

Michigan Special Ed Teacher, Heather Winfield, Arrested for Sex With 11-Year Old Student

The details of the alleged crimes against Thunder Bay Junior High School teacher, Heather Winfield, 38, are intentionally murky, but it’s believed she engaged in sexual activity with a former student, under 13 (believed to be 11) shortly after resigning her special education teaching position at the school in Alpena, Michigan in 2016. It’s thought she resigned from the school when made aware people were looking into her inappropriate contact with the student. She was also charged with having sex with a minor between 13 and 15, though it’s unclear if this is the same former student or a second victim as the arrest record indicates the crimes occurred between 2016 and 2018. It could apply to the same child only two years later, if she was continuing to get it on with this same object of her illicit desires.

Prior to teaching for four years at Thunder Bay Junior High, Winfield taught for four years at the nearby All Saints Catholic School. She also was a substitute teacher in the area. In case you lived in the area and had young kids in her schools and are looking to have a serious panic attack.

Winfield is charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child younger than 13 and one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct during the commission of a felony, a count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child ages 13 to 15 and second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child younger than 13, accosting a minor for immoral purposes, and using a computer to commit a crime.

– Michigan State Police

Winfield is married with children of her own, you know, not the ones she’s having sex with, with her family attending her arraignment on these charges that could send her to prison for life. Through her attorney, Winfield expressed her complete innocence of all charges, a presumption we hold dear in this country, or used to, until partisan rancor came along and destroyed it. Nevertheless, she was offered the chance to bond out of jail and build a defense case for herself against these charges.

It remains unclear why the police took well over two years to formally charge Winfield from the time they learned of her potential misdeeds, but suffice it to say, this wasn’t a rush to judgement case. Just another case of a female teacher delving into dark and criminal desires. Allegedly. You never know.

Female HS Teacher in Clark County Busted for Luring, Lewdness, and Kidnapping

Teacher, Breanna Hernandez, 27, now finds herself behind bars in the Clark County Jail on multiple counts of luring a minor, lewdness with a minor, and kidnapping in relation to an investigation following the discovery of private messages between herself and a student at Basic Academy of International Studies in Henderson, Nevada outside of Las Vegas.

Since the police are refusing to provide the precise details of the events that led to these charges, you can use your imagination as to luring, lewdness, and especially, kidnapping. Suffice it to say the latter can refer to the rather broad definition of keeping a minor from where they are supposed to be — like home with their parents studying for Ms. Hernandez’ quiz the next morning.

The investigation began last November upon discovery of the naughty messages, at which time Hernandez was relieved of her duties at the Clark County School District school where she had been employed since 2015. Now, two months later, she’s been arrested because sometimes lust is simply that strong. Also, it seems mandatory these days for female teachers who own cellphones, so, all of them, to end up sexting and eventually more with the cute boys in their classrooms. God bless America.

Woman Banned from Walmart for Cruising Mobility Scooter Around Parking Lot While Boozing Out of Pringles Container

If you’re going to get banned from Walmart, go out big. No, not shoplifting or peeking in the changing rooms or even trying to ascertain the citizenship of their stock employees, but drunk driving your mobility scooter in the parking lot all morning will get you the heave-ho.

An unnamed woman in Wichita Falls, Texas suffered such a fate when she was ratted on by a Walmart manager who spotted her tooting around the parking lot for several hours of the early morning, drinking wine out of a Pringles container. As you might expect in the great state of Texas, it’s not the least bit illegal to be boozing out of a Pringles container while putting around in a mobility scooter. The prisons simply aren’t that big.

A sketch artist rendition of what the woman in Wichita Falls may have looked like.

However, since the woman was on private property, the police became involved, tracking down the woman and informing her she was no longer welcome at this Walmart location. No word yet on her banning from the city’s other 27 Walmart superstores.

At the end of the day I know who I want to party with, and it’s not the Walmart store manager.

Two Drunk Women Sexually Grope a Trans Woman in a Raleigh, NC Bar

In the opposite of what you were told to expect when trans-women (men identifying and passing as women) started using the women’s bathroom, a trans-woman was sexually assaulted by a couple drunk 30-something chicks at the Milk Bar in Raleigh, North Carolina. The complainant, who called 9-1-1, claims she was merely trying to take a lady girl tinkle on the bar’s women’s room, when Amber Harrell, 38, and Jessica Fowler, 31, began to drunkenly harass her about being trans and lifting up her skirt to find her penis.

The unnamed victim, also 30’s, claims the drunken pair were obnoxiously groping her and also at least one of them was showing off her unclothed female body to harass the trans-woman while all three were behind the locked door of the ladies room. Additionally, she victim claim the drunk ladies followed her out to the bar from the bathroom, and continued to grab her ass and front side cackling and giggling as drunk women do. According to the police report, the bartender had to step in and make the drunk women leave the trans-woman alone.

An arrest warrant was issued for Harrell and Fowler, both of whom turned themselves in on misdemeanor charges of sexual battery and second degree felony charges of kidnapping, presumably related to blocking the trans-woman from leaving the bathroom. It’s hard not to imagine that bathroom as a scene from a John Water’s movie, with screaming and shrill giggling and an element of horror and horrible women.

By rule of thumb for the modern age, because you see a man dressed as a woman, you are not allowed to dig around under the trans woman’s garments looking for a penis. It’s rude. Also, illegal. While there is much confusion in society about gender definitions, bathrooms, and who gets what pronouns, suffice it to say, you can’t forcible grab anybody’s genitals in a bar bathroom. Prime directive. You can probably get away with staring, gawking, or rudely laughing if that’s your thing. But no dick or vagina grabbing. Just say no.

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